Corona, Trondheim | Expect a sharp increase in infection if opened

Corona, Trondheim |  Expect a sharp increase in infection if opened

In a note to politicians in Trondheim, Mayor Morten Walden and Director of Health and Social Welfare Wenchee B Daily wrote that they expect a significant increase in infections this week.

We have 723 infections during four days in Week 1 compared to 542 in the entire 52nd week. Omikron now accounts for over 80%, and gives a milder course, at least for fully vaccinated people under 60 years of age.

Furthermore, they write that there is still sufficient knowledge about the unvaccinated, the elderly, and people with underlying diseases associated with omicron infection.

The strict measures in place today combined with booster doses have led to a decrease in deltas, but we are seeing a sharp increase with Omikron, and it is expected that this increase will be even stronger if it is opened more to convergence in social contexts.

It is also noted that although the oomicron appears milder, it is more contagious. The mayor writes that it can negatively affect the community if the extent of infection increases significantly.

Consider a new test station

The municipality has asked the Civil Defense to help set up a station on Teller where the tests will be carried out.

It was confirmed and accepted by them on Thursday afternoon. It is scheduled to start on Tuesday of the week.

Leütenhaven currently has a good capacity, but it is taken into account that there may be a greater pregnancy as more tests are positive.

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