Corona vaccine: – Endless vaccine?

Corona vaccine: – Endless vaccine?


With three doses of the corona vaccine it makes sense for Norway to slow down. Internationally, however, there is little to enjoy.

Unity in the second line: Hey let's just say it like this: When we threaten ourselves with disease and death, unity comes second.  Photo: NTB

Unity in the second line: Hey let’s just say it like this: When we threaten ourselves with disease and death, unity comes second. Photo: NTB
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The government takes over A precautionary measure in the next phase of vaccination against Govt-19. Everyone over the age of 65 is advised to take a refreshing dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This occurs after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approves the vaccine for this purpose. Before the third dose, municipalities should prioritize the flu vaccine this year. The goal is to ensure immunity in the most vulnerable population when we enter winter.

Unable to: Health and Care Services Minister Bent Hoy says the epidemic is not over. People over the age of 65 are now getting the dose of three corona vaccines. Video: NTP
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National Institute of Public Health Be sure that the refreshing dose of the corona vaccine provides good protection against the virus, but it is not yet certain when to take it. In general, there is uncertainty with the development of the virus and its defense against it. Many countries now offer a third vaccine for full-grown people. Norway is moving slowly and will use the experiences of other countries before the vaccine is further extended.

It looks like A sensible strategy. Vaccines have had a good effect and saved millions of lives, but this is a huge experiment. There is uncertainty in every new step taken. After effects and complications can only be measured. There is a widespread belief that the vaccine will be needed for many years. Such a situation places strong demands on medical research, ethics and political action. The terrain is unknown and it affects the lives of all people.

Very good so far Little reason to cheer for global solutions. Conversely, the use of a third dose in the richest part of the world can exacerbate the vaccine situation in many poor countries. This is already devastating. According to Amnesty International, less than one percent of the population in poor countries is fully vaccinated against 55 percent in rich countries. While refusing to share rights and technologies, the report points out how large pharmaceutical companies have staggering revenues.

Health Minister Bent Hay He faced a curved distribution of vaccines at a press conference on Tuesday. He pointed out that Norway funds large amounts of vaccines for poor countries, but the government also has a responsibility to protect its own people. According to Hai, having a low level of infection in Norway is almost a benefit to the poor. It stimulates the world economy.

That explanation More fragile than the butterfly’s wings. Hey let’s just say it like this: When we ourselves are threatened with disease and death, unity comes second. Self-examination is a prerequisite for a good response in the next phase of work against Govt-19.

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