Corona virus, Bar Stop | The government added two days to the corona operations

Corona virus, Bar Stop |  The government added two days to the corona operations

When the government introduced the current corona measures, they said they could apply for four weeks i.e. till January 12. But now they will not change the rules until January 14th.

– We use the time this weekend and until next week to fully review the actions we have taken. They should last until January 14 and we should have four weeks, Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store (Labor) told the NTB on Friday.

The only problem is that it is four weeks since the measures were introduced on Wednesday, January 12th.

At a news conference on December 13, the store made it clear that when the measures were presented, they would initially last four weeks.

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Four weeks became 30 days

The same thing was done again and again News releases Who left the government that day. It states that the regulatory measures will take effect from Wednesday, December 15, for four weeks, until further notice – until January 12.

Somewhere along the way, four weeks have become 30 days, and the government has said these measures will last until January 14th.

The government marks January 14 for the first time at a press conference before Christmas.

In an interview TV2 Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor) later refused to remove some of the measures before January 14.

– We will not provide relief until January 14th. It is important to look at the outcome of the actions we take, ”he said.

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Coronal warns of relief, but comes with a guarantee of store health care

– Other calculation method

Finance Minister Drigway Sloxwold (SP) said Sunday Dagbladet We will relax one of the measures called abstinence this week if the government does not receive the stern professional advice to advise against it.

The Prime Minister has also announced relief in action.

SMB Norway, which regulates small and medium enterprises, has sent out written notices that it could sue the government over the ban.

– We asked for a reply to our letter within fourteen days, the deadline being a few days. So SMB Norway CEO Jørund Rytman jokes that the government has a slightly different calculation method than the others.

He responded to the dates set by the government to adjust the measures as follows:

– Four weeks 28 days, it is now next Tuesday or Wednesday. He tells the NDP that our members affected by alcoholism should always be open.

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– Calculated every day

Ole Michael Bejordal, director of the NHO Tourism, organizes companies in the nightlife, saying that each day counts for their members.

He has demanded that the ban be lifted immediately.

– We think four weeks should be four weeks, and they should bring any relief as soon as possible. That was on or before January 12th. The essence is that the bar should be removed tonight or Monday morning.

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– Not more than one day is required

Before the weekend, Prime Minister Jonas Kar Store said TV2 Those activities will not last a day longer than necessary.

The Prime Minister’s Office (SMK) has informed the NTB that the Prime Minister is not available to comment on the matter. They refer to the Ministry of Health.

The NTB has asked the ministry why the length of the proceedings was changed to two days, but no answer was available.

In an email, Secretary of State for Health Ole Henrik Bjorgold (Labor) pointed out that one of the measures to change the amount of traffic lights in schools was introduced from December 16th.

– The last operations were carried out on Thursday, December 16th. If you count four weeks in advance, you will arrive on Thursday, January 13th. He writes that we were clear that the government would make a new assessment by January 14th.

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