Corona virus, coronary death | Record number of corona deaths in Norway

Corona virus, coronary death |  Record number of corona deaths in Norway

NTB: In the past week, 130 deaths were recorded from Corona, and the previous week it peaked at 189 – the highest number during the entire pandemic.

Says FHI Topic Manager, Frode Forland Aftenposten There are several explanations behind the high death toll. One is severe infection, which causes many people to fall ill, including the elderly.

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Older people and others can have underlying diseases, and COVID-19 becomes an additional strain. He adds that this leads to more deaths.

The deaths occurred in the first months of 2022 mainly among the elderly and those with an underlying disease. In recent months, the death toll has been about 150 people each week on a national basis. Average age is 84 years. According to Forland, many of the dead have been admitted to the intensive care unit, and many have not been vaccinated.

According to the FHI, the overall mortality rate in Norway is at a roughly normal level at this time of year, with influenza usually leading to deaths in the older age groups.

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FHI recently changed its death rate monitoring to include those who tested positive for covid-19 in rapid tests before they died. As a result, 357 more deaths have been added to the total, which is now 2,518.

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