Corona virus: – NIPH: – These should be vaccinated

Corona virus: – NIPH: – These should be vaccinated

Since the first corona vaccine was introduced in Norway on December 27, 2020, a total of 2,941,173 people have received three vaccines, which corresponds to 54.2 percent of the population, according to the NTB.

4 337 115 people received the first dose.

Dagbladet has asked the National Public Health Agency if this is enough.

– With the variations we now know, many of us are well protected from becoming seriously ill, but it may be appropriate to prescribe new rejuvenating doses to certain segments of the population when re-infection increases or new viral variants appear. Answers and Director of the Department of Infectious Disease Control and Immunization at FHI, R. Stuitzberg.

– Is there any indication that there will be a new wave, or can it be put behind us now?

– We do not yet know for sure, but like other respiratory viruses the infection will increase again in the fall. There may be new variants that are more contagious, and then we may have a new wave of contagion, the department director responds.

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On May 13, Geir Bukholm, assistant director of the FHI, told Aftenposten that the storage capacity of corona vaccines in freezers would be higher when more vaccines arrived in Norway.

Some countries in the world receive corona vaccines from Norway, the NTB quoted in the same article: 137,000 doses are now expired and should be discarded. At the same time, more sizes will be offered in the future.

– This means replacing “old” vaccine doses with newer ones so that the vaccine stock has the same vaccine size and has a much longer lifespan, Bukolm said. Newspaper.

immunity: Have you had many close contacts and done many quick tests, but have not yet received the corona? Can you be immune? Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad responds. Video: Jenny Emily Ass / Malin Rider-Nielsen Johnson.
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At the same time, some people are not sure if they are actually infected with the corona virus.

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When asked if they need to be re-vaccinated soon, department director and chief physician Array Stuitzberg responds to Docbladet that the advice we have now is the same as it has been for a long time.

– It is recommended that people between the ages of 18 and 44 have at least one vaccine dose if they are infected, and at least two doses of vaccine if they are definitely not infected, says Stuitzberg.

– For those 45 years of age and older, at least two doses of the vaccine are recommended if they are infected, and at least three doses (basic vaccine doses and one refresh dose) are recommended if they are definitely not infected. Continues.

For those with a severely weakened immune system, three doses are recommended in the basic vaccine series, and one renewal dose – a total of four doses.

– How long will the vaccines you receive have an effect?

– Based on the knowledge we now have, the vaccine alone or in combination with the infection protects well against severe diseases over time, but the protection against the infection and thus the spread of the infection is short-lived and decreases after a few months. , Stuitzberg responds.

– Not ready

He added, “With relatively minor infections so far and now, people 80 or older can take the new, second-update dose now, if they want.”

– However, we do not have a clear recommendation on that. At least the elderly and those suffering from some basic ailments may be prescribed a new refreshing medicine in the fall, similar to the flu vaccine, but this recommendation is not yet ready, he explains.

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– Is a fourth dose recommended?

– As of today, four doses are recommended for those with a severely weakened immune system, the department head responds, explaining that this is a three-dose basic vaccine and a renewable dose.

If there are new recommendations that apply to large segments of the population, it will, according to the department director, call on municipalities to be vaccinated.

– However, all municipalities still have the privilege of being open and accessible to those who wish to initiate or complete the vaccination in accordance with the recommendations applicable to them, he concludes.

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