Corona virus, Troms and Finnmark | The state official holds an urgent meeting on the epidemic in Troms and Finnmark

Corona virus, Troms and Finnmark |  The state official holds an urgent meeting on the epidemic in Troms and Finnmark

The state official urgently called the municipalities and health trusts in Troms and Finnmark to a meeting on Tuesday to discuss epidemic control measures.

Acting district doctor Bjorn Oegard says in one press release They are concerned about development and the burden on the health care system.

On Monday, news also comes that Oslo University Hospital is cutting back on surgical activity to free up the ability to deal with the surge in infections.

It has consequences

We are concerned with development and the burden on the health care system. District doctors in Troms and Finnmark say in the press release that we see the infection situation as having consequences for the health services’ ability to handle other treatments as well.

Last Friday the municipalities also held a meeting where possible regional measures were discussed. After this meeting, the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) came up with a diagram of measures that municipalities can use.

It is important that these measures are followed in a coordinated manner throughout the province so that the total resources of the health service are used as accurately as possible. The impact of the measures must also be assessed as soon as possible, assures district doctor Bjørn Øygard.

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Continuous increase in covid patients

This fall, Northern Norway University Hospital saw the largest influx of COVID-19 patients to date in the pandemic. On Monday, a total of 24 inpatient COVID-19 patients were reported, 22 in Tromsø and two in Narvik.

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Last week, the hospital switched to emergency services yellow after a steady increase in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

The intensive care nurses in Tromsø describe a very difficult autumn with a heavy work pressure in the intensive care unit where there is a huge shortage of alternatives.

– There is a lot of pressure. As a division commander, I will provide people for the guards. Proper competence is as critical with poor patients as here. It takes a lot. We want to take care of the employees, but we also push them to take extra shifts. There is a lack of alternatives here as there is a shortage of alternatives here as there is in the health service in several places in the country, the department leader in the intensive care unit, Leila Vorolonde Ström, said in Netavissen last week.

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The Prime Minister and Minister of Health visit Ahos

Even in southern Norway, hospitals are struggling to keep up. At Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), they have recently been under severe stress as a result of more and more Corona patients. Ahead of the weekend, one of the department’s top doctors called for national measures.

On Monday, the hospital was visited by Prime Minister Gunnar Gahr Store (Labour) and Health Minister Ingfeld Kirkul (Labour). Department Head Eric Petersen toured.

We really need to have national authorities on the scene, because this is not being fought enough locally. I have no idea why they’ve been waiting so long . said chief medical officer Ole Kristian Fossum VG.

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A new Corona death in Ahus

Ahus was able to report a new coronavirus death on Monday, the sixth in just over a week, he writes Romerix Blade. So far in the pandemic, Ahus has reported 83 coronavirus patients have died.

We confirm a new death in the hospital. It happened on Thursday last week, communications consultant Jean-Eric Vestnes told the newspaper. The hospital does not provide information on age and gender.

On Monday, Ahus has a total of 28 patients hospitalized at Nordbyhagen in Lørenskog and six on the ward at Kongsvinger, for a total of 34.

Of those, 11 patients are in the intensive care unit, while six are receiving respiratory therapy.

The epidemic is not over yet

The first recorded death from Corona in Norway occurred on March 12 last year. Since then, more than 1,000 people with corona have died, either with or without the virus.

According to the National Institute of Public Health, On Monday, the number has now risen to 1,002. Thus, another limit in the development of the pandemic has been crossed.

I deeply sympathize with those who have lost loved ones, says Health Minister Engfeld Kjerkul (Labour) of the NTB party.

And remember that the epidemic is not over yet, and that this shows the importance of everyone helping to reduce infection and prevent serious diseases.

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