Corona Virus, Tromsø Municipality | Deputy Mayor:

Corona Virus, Tromsø Municipality |  Deputy Mayor:

Regulations for the prevention of coronary heart disease, the municipality of Tromsø, Tromsø and Finnmark

Legal basis: Established by the Mayor of Tromsø on November 9, 2021 by Law No. 55 of August 5, 1994 on protection against infectious diseases § 4-1.

§ 1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the regulations is to put in place infection control measures to prevent or limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2 among the population and among health workers, and to ensure that sufficient capacity is maintained in the health care system so that services can handle the infection situation and normal health care and care services. Rise or Rise .

Regulations apply in the municipality of Tromsø.

§ 2. Duty to wear a face mask

Persons over 12 years of age must use bandages in taxis for drivers and passengers, on all public transport in the municipality of Tromsø, indoors in stores, in public areas of shopping centers, in restaurants where they do not sit at tables and in places of culture, conferences and sports activities and recreational, when one cannot maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from the short passages of non-family members.

The obligation to wear face masks does not apply when seated in a designated seat during sports, conferences and cultural activities. The obligation to wear a face mask does not apply to those who engage in physical activity.

The obligation to use a bandage does not apply in primary and secondary schools, as well as in workplaces where the use of a bandage in the workplace has not been specified.

It does not apply to people with medical conditions who would like the unnecessary inconvenience of wearing a face mask.

§ 3. Ministry of the Interior

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Employees who do not have work tasks that require physical presence or who do not work alone should perform their work tasks from the home office.

Employees who do not travel by public transportation can still meet at the workplace. §. 4. Requirements for table service in restaurants and events with liquor license

For restaurants and events that have a liquor license, the ordering and serving of food and drink shall only take place at the table where the customer is seated, and there shall be seating for all guests.

This requirement applies from Kuala Lumpur. 17.00 until the normal closing time.

§. 5. Event definition

Events means gatherings in public places or in rented or loaned buildings and outdoor areas, including hotels, town halls, town halls, conference rooms and auditoriums.

Private gathering means social gatherings that occur in a place as mentioned in the first paragraph, of people outside the same home, or social gatherings related to work or school.

Training, exams, exercises, meetings, or gatherings organized as part of normal work or teaching are not included.

§. 6. The number of people who can be present at an event

It is not possible to hold events with the presence of multiple people at the same time from:

a) 100 people in a private pool. Employees and contractors responsible for carrying out events may not be included in the total number of people who may be present at the event.

§ 7. Responsibility

The municipality of Tromsø is not financially responsible as a result of the measures imposed.

§ 8. Punishment

Willful or negligent violation of the provisions of these regulations may be punished in accordance with the Protection from Infectious Diseases (Infection Control Act) § 8-1.

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§ 9. Entry into force and duration

The regulations come into force on November 10, 2021 and are valid until November 23, 2021.

Tromsø Municipality’s recommendations to the population regarding the control of infection in Covid-19

Recommendations for individuals

The municipality of Tromsø recommends that all residents over the age of eighteen:

∙ To reduce the number of people you are with in social contexts during the week

∙ Stay away from others outside the home when they are in a public place.

The municipality of Tromsø recommends that no more than 30 participants take part in special events in a private space inside the house. This recommendation applies regardless of age, but except for children’s birthdays and similar events for children where there is a necessary number of adults as facilitators.

Recommendation to employers

The municipality of Tromsø recommends that all employers:

∙ To facilitate the use of digital meetings where possible and appropriate to avoid arranging social gatherings of employees across the company

Recommendation for the organizers

The municipality of Tromsø recommends that all organizers consider anti-infection related to their event.

This means ensuring that there are enough spaces so that people do not have to stand too close to each other and that it is easier to sit where possible.

We also recommend an overview of the participants and the ability to provide notification if infection is subsequently detected and manual alcohol readily available.

Organizers must also report the use of bandages when people are not in their seats.

Recommendation for restaurants

In addition to the provisions in the regulations, the municipality of Tromsø recommends that restaurants with or without a license to serve alcoholic beverages as far as possible ensure that the table is set for all guests even before 17:00 and that the serving takes place on the table.

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Recommendations for this sport

The municipality of Tromsø recommends postponing or canceling tournaments and conferences with participants over 18 years of age. Singles matches can be played.

For tournaments/conferences with participants under 18 years of age, it is recommended to avoid spectators other than parents.

For many subsequent trainings/matches/events at the facility, it is recommended that good arrangements be made for the audience and participants of the previous event to leave the facility well in advance of the start of the next event. The reason for this is to avoid large gatherings, as well as to avoid gatherings of different groups.

For matches outside the best sports, it is recommended to limit the audience. The audience must be seated. Otherwise, the requirement to use face masks when not sitting in public will apply. It is also important to ensure the distance between people in a potential booth queue.

For unstructured sports, we recommend sticking with your regular teammates.

Other Recommendations

The municipality of Tromsø recommends that swimming pools and fitness centers help those present, with the exception of children and family members, to keep their distance from one another. This should be done through information and, if necessary, by reducing the number of participants

Choir and army exercises have been shown to be associated with an increased risk of infection. In these activities, a special focus on infection control, including ensuring distance between participants, is encouraged.

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