Corona Virus, Wuhan | A new study confirms the origin of the Corona virus: – It spread from there

Corona Virus, Wuhan |  A new study confirms the origin of the Corona virus: - It spread from there

Over time, a large group of researchers has studied the origin of the Corona virus, and On Tuesday, July 26, they published a study in one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals, Science. One investigation into the study concluded that the theory that the virus originated in a laboratory can be rejected again.

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The researchers looked at the geographical pattern of epidemics in the first months after the first outbreak in December 2019. There, the data clearly shows one important thing, which is that the first cases of coronavirus were closely related to the Huanan animal market. In the Chinese city of Wuhan. The researchers also found that the coronavirus was unlikely to have spread between humans before November 2019.

– Spread from there

In the study, it was simply emphasized “It is not plausible that the virus originated in any other way than the animal trade in the market in Wuhan.»

I grew up in the market and spread from there, is the clear message from Michael Worby, According to Danish Ekstrabladet.

Currently working as a researcher at the University of Arizona, he is one of the authors of the study now published in the journal Science.

The study summary also states, among other things, that:

«Although there is insufficient evidence to determine what happened in the earlier stages, and the exact conditions remain ambiguous, our analyzes show that the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 occurred through direct animal trade in China, and that the Huanan market is the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic.“,” Here is some of what the researchers write.

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WHO report

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) also conducted its own investigation into the origin of the virus. In its first report, published at the beginning of June, the panel of experts concluded that there are still no conclusive results that could explain how the epidemic began.

The team of 27 experts was formed by the World Health Organization (WHO) last year and will create a global framework for studies on how viruses spread. They were also tasked with looking into the origin of the coronavirus.

In the report published in June, the researchers wrote that key data that was not yet available is missing for us to get a full understanding of how the COVID-19 pandemic began.

bat theory

However, the most credible theory from the World Health Organization is that the virus passed from bats to humans via a third animal, said research leader Maritje Venter.

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At the same time, the expert group stressed that there is a need for new investigations into whether a laboratory leak caused the epidemic. This theory has always been controversial, especially in China. Three members of the expert group, from China, Russia and Brazil, objected that this theory is subject to further study.

– The fact that we included this theory in the report does not mean that this is what we believe to be true. This just means we’re open to scientific data, Venter added, so if something new comes out we won’t ignore it.

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