Corona: Why Bhutan’s vaccine miracle is important to the world – politics abroad

Corona: Why Bhutan’s vaccine miracle is important to the world – politics abroad

Damn, Bhutan!

The small kingdom in the Himalayas vaccinated about 90 percent of adults against corona for the second time in a week with a free vaccine.

Based on data from the Bhutanese government, the UN A spokesman for UNICEF, a children’s aid organization, said it corresponded to 62 percent of the 770,000 population.

Bhutan was able to vaccinate its people so quicklyUNICEF data shows that after receiving hundreds of thousands of cans this month – 500,000 cadres from the United States and 250,000 cans from Denmark, including AstraZeneca.

“It simply came to our notice then Important milestone To Bhutan or South Asia, but to developing countries in general, ”a UNICEF spokesman said. Vaccination is difficult for many poor countries.

The country received the first corona vaccine as a gift from India. From the end of March to the beginning of April, more than 85 percent of adults were vaccinated, according to the Bhutanese Ministry of Health at the time.

Vaccination is a particular challenge in the Himalayan Kingdom. Health workers sometimes have to climb high mountains to reach people living as nomads.

Bhutan is largely free of corona infection. Nearly 2,500 infections and two corona virus-related deaths have been reported since the outbreak.

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