Corona – “yawning stick” provokes indignation

Corona - “yawning stick” provokes indignation

Armed police in southern China led four people, who allegedly violated Corona rules, through the city to make fun of them.

On Wednesday, Chinese state media reported that this was causing a reaction in the country. The local authorities’ hard-line approach to enforcing infection control rules has drawn criticism.


China cracked public gaps for suspected criminals in 2010, but the method is re-emerging in areas where local authorities struggle to enforce a national zero-tolerance plan for the coronavirus.

The four people were flown through the city of Jingxi, southern Guangxi province, wearing protective suits, face masks and shields, and leading an armed group of rebel police.

They are accused of transporting migrants across the Chinese border, which has been somewhat closed as a result of the epidemic.

The incident led to criticism from major groups in China.

The Beijing News, which has links to the country’s ruling Communist Party, said that although Jingxi has been under great pressure to prevent the import of infection cases, this kind of punishment goes against the spirit of the law and cannot be allowed to happen. repeatedly.

The case spread on social media. Reports on the incident received more than 350 million views and more than 30,000 comments on Wednesday night Watchman.

missing food

Strict aura rules also create problems elsewhere in the great country. In the northern city of Xi’an, which has been closed for seven days, authorities are struggling to find enough food and other essential goods.

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Many city residents took to social media on Tuesday to seek help. The city of 13 million people tightened their freedom of movement on Monday. Residents are now only allowed to leave their homes for their coronation.

The city has recorded 960 cases since December 9. It is small compared to Western countries, but the Chinese authorities have taken what they called the “most severe measures” possible to prevent the spread of the infection.

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