May 29, 2023


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Coronation Tests every day - get pressed bans in WC - VG

Coronation Tests every day – get pressed bans in WC – VG

Corona System: Nora Mork is not escaping a pandemic in the restroom, either. Driving is marked by aura tests every day.

BERGEN (VG) Nora Mork and the rest of the handball girls get a wand in her nose every morning. In addition to ban pinch. According to the national team doctor, the daily coronation test will be held for about 14 days.


Norway opens the World Cup against Kazakhstan in Spain next Friday. Players have already been banned from pressing in relation to players on other teams.

– They’ve been told that. They must maintain a distance of at least one meter. But we see that it is not always easy to implement. There was a bit of pressure on the Dutch after this match, national team doctor Nils Evar Lerrand told VG.

There is no problem with what we are willing to sacrifice to play the World Cup, says Nora Mork of the daily Corona test.

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National team doctor Nils Ivar Leirad stated that all players were tested before they went to the rally. Now the doctor runs a quick test on everyone in the World Cup squad every morning. Next week, Norway will go to Spain. The doctor believes that players are tested every day by the World Cup organizer.

– It just has to be that way. All girls agree. Everyone wants to play the World Cup and come home healthy. It’s an easy choice, says Nora Mork.

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The Norwegian Handball Federation is very cautious after 10 players and leaders as well as the head of handball were injured after international matches against Slovenia in October.

It was a catalyst for thought and a reminder to continue what we had done before. That’s why we chose to be this way, says Nora Mork, who survived the coronavirus outbreak. Discharged from Slovenia matches.

When Norway met the Netherlands in Bergen on Thursday, it was not appropriate for the players to take selfies or sign autographs. Local measures in Bergen municipality mean that everyone over the age of 12 in St. Platz has to wear a bandage during the World Cup warm-up match.

– As it is now, there are already 10-15 times more infections in Trondheim and Bergen than in the World Cup host cities in Spain, says the national team doctor.

ATTENTION: Thorir Hergeirsson and Nora Mørk go to the World Cup with mouths ready.

– We are more afraid of the run-up to the World Cup and the relegation to Spain than we are of the tournament itself. There we imagine players can get a little out of the hotel. It will not be the same bubble as it was. It would be a lot more free, says Nils Ivar LeRiand.

It is believed that tournaments during the pandemic were “mentally demanding” of players. During last year’s European Championships in Denmark, players were only allowed to go outside a few times in a park near the hotel in Gotland. The restrictions were less urgent at the Tokyo Olympics – the players had a certain opportunity to move around the participating village.

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Soon, all the journalists who were going to speak to players and coaches from Norway and the Netherlands on Thursday were tested before the start of the match. The interviews were conducted at a distance of two metres.

Everyone who will be in touch with the teams in the water will be crowned pre-tournament, after the group match, the main round and the quarter-finals, said Nils Ivar LeRande.

Norway beat the Netherlands 35-21 in their first World Cup warm-up match. The Intersport Cup continues with its matches against South Korea on Saturday and Russia on Sunday.