Coronavirus, Koronatest | Approval of the “fastest corona test in the world”: – Provides an answer in 45 seconds

Coronavirus, Koronatest |  Approval of the “fastest corona test in the world”: – Provides an answer in 45 seconds

Thousands of “rapid tests” are performed in this country every day. Rapid testing and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are being done for children who have a class infection, people who are in close contact with infected people, or for all kinds of other reasons, at a rapid pace. The only thing that has been tested is that as the number of infections increases, so does the need for people to be tested for corona.

Sometimes this meant that one had to wait a long time for many places to be tested, and the availability of rapid tests has been shown to vary.

But, might the innovation of our Finnish neighbors be the answer to the problem?

EU approved 45-second test

The DSA Breath Pass works by breathing into the mouthpiece of a handheld device, somewhat similar to a breathalyzer. The device’s nanosensors then analyze the breath test before the result appears in an app after 45 seconds.

Finnish company Deep Sensing Algorithms DSA is behind the innovation, which has just received CE approval – meaning the device can be used and distributed in the European Union.

The motivation behind this was to find a coronation screening solution that could help individuals, families, and communities return to normal. Whether it’s work, school or play, says Deep Sensing Algorithms CEO Pekka Rissanen at a press release.

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Can be used again

The device is the first of its kind in the world to enter the commercial market. It is not known how much the new corona test will cost, but the DSA declares that it will be “a very reasonable price per test”.

Given that the device can be used again, and that it only takes two minutes to prepare it for the next test, one can imagine that there might be a crown to save here.

Furthermore, the DSA informs that the device is intended for use by health workers and experts, meaning it is not something you have at home for your own use.

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It’s just a problem

However, Rissanen also has bad news when it comes to the potentially revolutionary device: production of test devices has been hampered by a global shortage of necessary components.

– The situation is very difficult, CEO.

Nakstad on their use in Norway: – Too early to say

Espen Rostrop Nakstad, assistant director of health, witnessed this innovation. say to Dagbladet That this is a solution that could be convenient, for example, at border stations, but it is still too early to conclude anything – because it is a recent invention and little documentation.

– This is a type of screening test that uses relatively advanced equipment and may be most appropriate at border stations, if it turns out to have good sensitivity and specificity, Nakstad tells the newspaper and continues:

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– We will monitor the available documents after practical testing and evaluate the system on the basis of the available data. It’s too early to say if this type of test can be used in Norway, Dagbladet told.

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