Corsair’s next mechanical keyboard can seduce anyone

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Corsair just revealed its next keyboard: the K100 Air. The full appointment is actually Corsair K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboardwhich tells us that the keyboard is wireless, has mechanical keys and should be suitable for gaming.

At the same time, we have to admit that, from an aesthetic point of view, this keyboard can fit just as well in the office as in the teenage den. With a brushed aluminum top, low profile switches and just 11mm thick at their thinnest, we get something here that seems to be able to take the fight to models like Logitech G915 Lightspeed.

Besides the normal keyboard layout, the Corsair K100 Air also has media keys, a volume wheel, and four programmable macro keys. It also has an internal memory to store up to fifty different files.

According to Sherry – which has become one of the top manufacturers of keyboard switches – The Corsair K100 Air will be the first keyboard on the market to feature the new Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile switches.

These are supposed to provide a tactile typing experience, which then means the keys are felt without anyone hearing them. This is despite the keys having an overall height of just 3.5mm and a travel distance of just 1.8mm.

The keyboard also has full RGB backlighting, as is appropriate for gaming keyboards these days. With this turned on, the battery life should be 50 hours, otherwise the keyboard should last up to 200 hours without recharging if the light is off.

Corsair K100 Air must not be used wirelessly. If you mostly sit in the same place, it can be connected to a PC or Mac via USB. This gives a “polling rate” of up to 8000 Hz – meaning the system responds lightning fast to new inputs. And you want it when you play.

Additionally, the keyboard gives you two wireless options. You can either connect via standard Bluetooth, or you can use Corsair’s own wireless technology The fan current is called. So this keyboard can be used with the vast majority of computers.

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The Corsair K100 Air is scheduled to hit store shelves on October 4. The company has not yet announced any price tag for the glory. According to our contact person at Corsair, this won’t be apparent until the earliest release date.

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