June 26, 2022


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Could this be a new MacBook Pro with FaceID, or is it just a camera?

Could this be a new MacBook Pro with FaceID, or is it just a camera?

On Monday, we’ll find out what Apple has done with the new generation MacBook Pro 14 and 16.

Tune in with us at 19:00 on Monday

Like many others, we began to tire of the rumor mill about the machines that had been going on for almost the entire period of their development.

There’s a reason there’s so much “hype” about this particular press conference because the Pro hardware in particular has been around for so long in terms of design. Also, Apple’s “motto” is that something big is going to happen.

It is usual that shortly before Apple’s press conferences, more information was leaked, and this is exactly what happened and in two ways.

9to5Mac isn’t sure this is FaceID, and instead thinks it’s a camera – what do you think?

and good You think it’s a new 1080p camera:

FaceID, MagSafe, better screens, new design, better performance – better battery life?

The first image is clear: the one we see should be a MacBook Pro with an upgraded camera or FaceID. It makes sense that FaceID is coming to Pro computers, for the iPad Air and mini TouchID, but on the other hand, recent leaks suggest that this is an upgraded 1080p camera, perhaps with a “Center Stage”?

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Maybe it’s FaceID, in which case it seems to be taking up less space than a mobile phone.

Plus, much better panels (3024 x 1964 and 3456 x 2234) with higher resolutions (these are actually large iPad Pro screens) and with the M1X/M2 chip, could make this press conference something extra special.

This might be more interesting

It was also this detection that supports the rather strange image, i.e. WebKit in the beta version of Safari points to something called “safeAreaFrame”, which can be either the FaceID area, the panel around the FaceID sensors, or just an upgraded webcam.

What do you want most often?