June 10, 2023


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Columnist This text expresses the writer’s personal positions.

Responsibility I mean They should not be taken.

why not? We have what has been called the most agriculture friendly government for many years. We have a centrist party in place and a Labor party that has spoken warmly about farmers and food production all winter long. They offered us a 3.3 and even thought it was good. Then we got agreement 4.1. Can the Center Party take responsibility for the outcome? Maybe we should stop signing and thus acknowledge agreements that are “as far as we got this time”?

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Isn’t it time for that Is the government really held accountable? We got an agreement of 4.1 billion and then we’ll see how it goes? It is, after all, an agriculture-friendly government. And maybe they should be held responsible for what they themselves decide? As a dairy farmer, I understand the consequences.

This year’s agricultural convention Erie practice disaster. But is this really my problem? It is of course a challenge for the economy to get worse. An economy in which there is virtually no room for what is practically another drop in income. But this can be solved through a bank and an advisory service. How to step down and finally resign in a good way. Then the Center Party and the Labor Party can explain why this is happening.

Because after quite a few years In this industry, I know one thing for sure, and that when I think of an idea, I’m rarely alone in it. When I now pinch focus because the bill actually has to be paid and the relationship between the price of concentrate and the price of milk has changed, there are more people doing the same thing.

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In January 2021 I paid We are 3.69 nok to focus. The price of milk in the same month was NOK 5.72. In January 2023 the price of concentrate itself was NOK 4.70 and the price of milk in January 2023 was NOK 5.73. Fortunately, the farmers’ association signed an agreement that the price of milk would be increased by NOK 0.33.

Then it does not help Tine needs more milk, because a quick analysis of the concept of diminishing returns tells a very different story. It’s hard to justify an increased focus to extract incremental performance in financial terms. Sorry Tyne, there will be no more milk than a cow would produce from the low amount of concentrate from here. But listen to Sandra Burch and the government?

They who have Decide that this is a perfectly fine level of income. And I can’t help but apologize in advance to Nortura as well. I know you guys are trying and overcharged. But the bulls I was now supposed to give birth to were delivered as quality calves in the fall, when they could not be sold for life, because there was a queue in the system and many more females than usual were delivered. Female animals that now produce neither milk nor meat.

As a dairy farmer, I understand the consequences.

And who comes now To provide for a (large?) deficit of Norwegian beef in the future. Because it has been proven that dark barns do not produce milk or meat. Who would have thought?

But do you actually play What role? The government has clearly shown that no, it doesn’t matter. The decline in cultivation would continue as usual. Where we actually need to open a new or converted dairy barn 200 days a year, every year until 2034, there is now a drought. Even at J√¶ren, the farmer put the brakes on.

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There is little investment, that is barely built. The trend of two farms closing each day continues. So instead of building new and rebuilding, the light is simply put out. There is no hustle and bustle when a farmer quits. It is not written about him, nor does he walk in torchlight processions. A car picks up the rest of the animals, a few tears flow, the lights go out and peace and quiet. The neighbor (maybe) cultivates the land.

Norway too What current government is directing agriculture in the same direction with a firm hand. The trend that even the EU now sees may not have been the best solution. But why learn from other people’s mistakes when you can make your own?

question about it Are farmers left when someone with the power to make changes discovers the error? I’m not sure, because turning off the light in the barn doesn’t make any noise. Today’s deal is unlikely to change that.