Courses, Jobs | Thomas Luras has two jobs alongside his studies

Courses, Jobs |  Thomas Luras has two jobs alongside his studies

(Sandnesposten) – the money disappears quickly, so I could not have managed without the additional income, says Thomas.

We meet with student teachers in a university-based group. They are in a rush for the pre-exam finals. There are Pepsi Max, iced coffee and chocolate on the table.

– Black Gold keeps me going. A little extra money is now spent just before the exam.

Big costs

Thomas lives with two others in two floors in Smoroet, Stavanger. Pays NOK 6,100 as rent. Additionally, part of the money goes towards electricity, food, public transport, mobile phone bill and entertainment.

– I play paddle tennis twice a week. I can't do this without additional income.

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Along with his teaching studies, Thomas works in a school and crisis center in Stavanger.

– We are told while studying that there should not be work on the side because the standard is exceeded. But most people rely on this extra income, Inger-Johan Raundahl points out.

Students say that some drop out of studies to work.

And young people are worried

Nationally, consumer debt among young people has increased by 15 percent since August last year alone, according to Norwegian credit data.

More and more young people are facing financial worries and money problems. In the NHO's annual report, 72 percent said they were worried about the economy.

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Thomas doesn't care about finances, but knows many students. He himself lives close to the family, which he enjoys as a sense of security.

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– Mother helps financially whether I like it or not. Sometimes I have dinner with her, says Thomas.

Here are some saving tricks of students:

  • If you have the chance, stay home as much as you can
  • It's okay to say no
  • Think twice before buying anything
  • Make a packed lunch

Thomas saves a small penny every month. He takes this money into accounts he leaves untouched. To keep track of what's missing from the wallet, Thomas draws up a monthly budget. He has been doing it since he was 10 years old.

– This is very strange and can be a bit stressful, but it is very useful to get an overview.

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