Court of Appeals provisionally reintroduces Texas’ strict abortion law – VG

Court of Appeals provisionally reintroduces Texas' strict abortion law - VG
Abortion resistance: David Trujillo protests against abortion in front of an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas on Thursday this week.

Just one day after a federal judge suspended a strict Texas abortion law, the Texas Court of Appeals temporarily allowed the law to be reinstated.


A federal appeals court in New Orleans on Friday allowed Texas to temporarily reinstate a strict new abortion law, according to the Associated Press.

This happens one day after Federal Judge Robert Pittman An order to stop the application of the disputed law in the country.

And so the legal battle over the law continues in full force, and Bateman’s order is rescinded until the case is reviewed. The Justice Department should respond by Tuesday.

background: This means the new abortion law in Texas

An abortion law in the second most populous state in the US went into effect on September 1, the strictest in the country.

The abortion law differs from attempts by other states to tighten abortion legislation in that it leaves private individuals to bring civil claims against anyone who contributes, facilitates, or performs abortions.

Ordinary individuals can receive up to $10,000 in compensation if they are successful in lawsuits.

Since Pittman’s order, clinics have received patients, something they haven’t been able to do since September 1. But now there is a pause again.

Then Bateman’s order came The Biden administration filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas.

Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that the law was introduced in violation of the Constitution.

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