Create a false identity for at least 12 years. The Russian spy was to be transplanted to The Hague.

Create a false identity for at least 12 years.  The Russian spy was to be transplanted to The Hague.

It is said that the Russian spy created a false identity in Brazil. It was revealed that he is an intern at the International Criminal Court.

The International Criminal Court is located in this building in The Hague, Netherlands.

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A Russian agent working for the Russian military intelligence has been exposed, according to Dutch intelligence. They went out on Thursday. He is said to have tried to use a false identity to infiltrate the International Criminal Court.

This is said to have happened during the International Criminal Court’s investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine. If the spy had succeeded, he could have destroyed important evidence, he said Watchman.

Returned to Brazil

The 36-year-old spy is said to have created a detailed cover story that dates back at least to 2010. When he arrived in the Netherlands in April of this year, he believed he had managed to trick the ICC into believing he was Brazilian Victor Muller-Ferreira (33).

However, it has already been exposed by Western intelligence services. When he landed, he was caught by the Dutch border police and sent back to Brazil. There he risks prosecution.

Had the spy succeeded, the court could have been severely damaged, according to Dutch intelligence service AIVD.

The International Criminal Court is investigating possible war crimes committed during the war in Ukraine. Here ICC chief investigator Karim Khan stands at a grave in Bucha where three bodies lie. The photo was taken on April 13.

Is it “illegal”?

The spy is said to have worked for years, since his early twenties, to build his fake identity. In this case, that means it must have been part of Russia’s program to build highly secret agents, the Guardian wrote. The program aims to implant the agent abroad, before waiting years, perhaps decades, for the agent to reach the site of impact.

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The British newspaper describes them as “illegitimate” – the illegal. The spy program dates back to the days of the Cold War, but is said to have been greatly expanded under Vladimir Putin.

According to The Guardian, clients must keep their true identities secret even from their spouses and children.

Perhaps the case shows that the war in Ukraine caused Russia’s military intelligence, the GRU, to proceed more aggressively.

– This was a year-long GRU operation and it cost a lot of time, energy and money, Dutch intelligence chief Eric Ackerbom told Reuters. He adds that they see the attempt to infiltrate the International Criminal Court as a serious threat.

Come to Rio to meet ‘Father’

Dutch intelligence published what it said was the spy’s cover story. It’s written in Portuguese, but according to the Guardian, the language must be “grammatically very poor”. The document must be dated back to 2010.

The document, also translated into English, appears to be a summary of the spy’s past life. A fairy tale that the client might have had to memorize.

According to the document, the spy came to Rio de Janeiro in August 2010 to meet a father he had been estranged from for many years. It is possible that this “father” was also deceived.

Open the document as a PDF here

The spy allegedly forgot his Portuguese, but after meeting his father decided to stay in Brazil, learn the language and regain citizenship.

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He describes that fellow students bullied him because of his appearance and accent.

– Although I looked German, they called me “Gringo”. He writes, that’s why I didn’t have many friends.

We get to know other small details about him as well:

  • He did not like to eat fish, allegedly because he hated the stinky smell of fish from the harbor where he claimed to have grown up.
  • He must have loved the geography teacher.
  • In a garage, they had a poster with Mexican actress Veronica Castro, who was said to have been replaced by a poster of American actress Pamela Anderson.
  • He used to visit the only nightclub that played trance-type electronic dance music.

Reuters wrote that there was no immediate reaction from Moscow. In the past, they refused to disclose espionage as attempts to slander Western countries.

Top-secret Russian agents did not always do well. Many times they are unsuccessful in getting jobs where they can get sensitive information. Mostly because Western intelligence has been keeping tabs on them, according to The Guardian. Become a group of 10 secret agents Detected by the FBI In the United States 12 years ago.

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