Create magic at the downtown library

Create magic at the downtown library

A new section for children in different areas

There are only a few days left before the largest project is shown to the townspeople.

– We have created a new children’s section that will open during the Literature Festival on Saturday. I hope that we will have time to finish, but it will probably work out, because all the employees in the departments are very passionate about making it happen.

– Our strategies state that we must focus on children, youth and new users. So there really is leadership there. But I’m excited to invest in kids and young adults, because it’s about starting their lives off as good as possible. Not everyone has the same opportunities either, but maybe we can be a place where everyone, no matter who they are, can get inspired and get new opportunities.

– We will have four regions. 0-3 yrs, 3-6 yrs, homework help and then we have a technology area where we focus on games. And she adds: We have to bet on that if we want to be relevant.

Hosni is happy that she had the opportunity to implement the changes that mean a lot to her on a personal level. There is no doubt about that. Her whole face lights up again and again when she talks about the new rooms in the library.

– I have a great manager who shares my insights. And I am very concerned about the population getting something to value. It is also certain that the staff has been involved in the process from the very beginning, because that is important to me.

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It must be relevant

The number of visitors to libraries is only increasing, which underscores the need to be relevant.

– We are a social meeting place, and especially in the times we live in now, when everything is getting more and more expensive, it is an important point that we are completely free. We will be a non-commercial show where social differences are equalized and this gives opportunities to more people. We will reach more and more people who will enjoy the benefits in society that libraries provide.

– The library must be relevant, so we have to participate in social development, she says and adds that it also requires them to participate in activities that young people want to do.

– We must be listeners, calm and knowledgeable, says Al-Hassani.

We wish you all the best for the opening and the festival and we look forward to its continuation!

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