Crime for Youth – VG

Crime for Youth - VG
An exception on two wheels: Julia Mullomshagen Nymoen, Treasure Olympia Attica and Felix Soleil (from left) in ‘Idea: Maltesergåten’.

Three downy snushaner.

Youth film / crime drama

« Idea: Maltesergåten »

Norway. 9 years. Directed by: Thel Pierson

With: Julia Mullum, Shaggin Niemoen, Kenza Olympia Attica, Felix Soleil, Keri Hogan Sidneys, Andreas Caplin, Bjorn Floberg, Mart Solem, Henrik Mistad, Lisa Lofven Kongsley, Laine Verdahl

VG dice show 4 points

Cecilia’s father (Mælumshagen Nymoen) runs the Perlen Guest House, which has a beautiful location along the coast. both father (Haugen Sydness) and her daughter in mourning – exactly a year ago Cecilia (Verdal)’s mother mysteriously disappeared. A week later, she was found dead on the beach.

When another person – an art thief, fugitive from Ullersmo – is found dead in Skutebukta, things start to get startlingly mysterious. Cecilia and her friend Une (Olympia Iteka) feel owls in the moss. On the same day, a new boy, Leo (Sully), appeared at the guesthouse. It’s from the big city, and so on Great for school Let’s start with. But he, too, will soon join the three-headed detective gang.

Album in Moss: Keri Hogan Sidneys and Julia Mullum, Shaggin Nimoeni “Idea: Maltesergoten”.

Suspicions are immediately transmitted to strangers who are guests of the guest house this summer. One of them, played before Kongsli . Law, journalist, and is therefore automatically a suspect. else (Kaplin) written under a pseudonym, which is overly vile: Frank Cobolt.

We who watch them are a little suspicious of artist Lason (especially), if nothing else, then because he seems absent-minded. Yes, and the old fisherman is in the bay, of course, just because he played Bjorn Floberg.

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Pass you girls! This is BJØRN FLOBERG!: Julia Mullomshagen Nymoen and Bjorn Floberg in “Idea: Maltesergåten”.

Director percent You have a safe hand with the crime mystery. Keywords: nicotine gum, Crohn’s ice cream, Maltese title bell, dangerous behavior along the slopes, a hideout from wartime and – unfortunately – bats. Then I might think that “Clue: The Maltese Mystery” doesn’t have the exact same control over emotion—yes, tragic—in author Jørn Lierhurst’s story.

BARTEPAPPA: Julia Mælumshagen Nymoen and Kyrre Haugen Sydnæss in ‘Idea: Maltesergåten’.

Despite this, the detective gang is okay with that, especially Julia Mullum, and Shaggin Nymoen as Cecilia. It’s also good to see adult actors taking the film seriously (this is not always the case in children’s and young adult films). A stadium is as remote and flopped as can be, and Haugen Sydness is about to set sail like norwegian film and tv best dad.

There are many mysteries to clear in the “Clue” series. There will likely be more movie adaptations as well.

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