Crisis in “The Farm”: – He was expelled before the final

Crisis in “The Farm”: - He was expelled before the final

HURDALSSJØEN (Dagbladet): “Farmen” has started well on Norwegian television, but although the show premiered on Tuesday – the recording isn’t over yet. Just over a week and a half of recording, which takes place near Hurdal in Upper Romerike.

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When Dagbladet met all the participants just hours before they entered the farm, we met them at the Hurdalsjøen Hotel, where they had been housed in the days before the adventure began. The same was the entire production, which included about 60 people.

They have lived there so far, for over ten weeks. But just before the final week begins, the entire production has been kicked out of the hotel, and Dagbladet is informed by a knowledgeable team.

The reason is said to be the ongoing government negotiations between the Labor Party, the Center Party and the Socialist Left Party in the same hotel.

Crisis Meetings: Entire production kicked out
emergency meetings: The entire production of “Farmen”, which makes television with these 14 participants, has been kicked out of the Hurdalsjøen Hotel. It has created frantic meeting activities. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2
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On Wednesday, it became clear that SV will send party leader Udon Lisbachen and deputy leader Kirsti Bergstu to the polls, while Labor will represent party leader Jonas Gahr Store and deputy leader Hadia Tajik.

The Center Party sends party leader Trygve Slagsvold Widom and parliamentary leader Marit Arnstad.


In television productions, politicians are now believed to have conveyed that they want the entire hotel for themselves – and the situation is said to have sparked a backlash from the “farmin” involved, who booked the hotel for the duration of the production. They have left behind so far a thousand nights.

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In addition, there are food and other expenses, and according to what was reported to Dagbladet, this cost TV 2 and Strix productions more than one million kroner.

The remaining 370 residences are now completely blue.

Word button: Hotel manager Dag Skaug at Hurdalsjøen refers to hotel manager Gjerstad when Dagbladet confronted him with dissatisfaction in Strix.  Photo: Nina Hansen/DAGBLADET
word button: Hotel manager Dag Skaug at Hurdalsjøen points to hotel manager Gjerstad when Dagbladet confronts him with dissatisfaction in Strix. Photo: Nina Hansen/DAGBLADET
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Many are angry at the situation that has arisen.

We have a great understanding that this is unfortunate to many, and we apologize for the inconvenience it causes. The police’s clear recommendation is to close the hotel to other guests for security reasons. We’ve made sure the hotel is doing its best to provide good alternatives nearby, Garley Rohim Haakkonsen, PT’s director of communications, tells Dagbladet.

There were crisis meetings at production company Strix on Thursday. They have also been in meetings with Hurdalssjøen’s hotel manager, Pål Gjerstad.

they change: In previous seasons of “The Farm”, all the young participants were single. There are exceptions this year, but host Mads Hansen still promises to flirt. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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hotel management button word

Dagbladet has been in contact with TV 2, which currently does not want to comment on the case.

Hurdalsjøen Hotel is owned by Utdanningsforbundet. TV 2 and Strix have been told they have to leave the hotel next Sunday or Monday, just two or three days before the big last week’s recording begins.

It is not currently clear what is happening now with television production.

Hotel manager Pål Gjerstad wrote the following in a text message to Dagbladet: “Contacts must be made to the press at the parties.”

Dagbladet repeatedly tried to persuade management to comment on the dissatisfaction with Strix. Hotel Manager Dag Skaug refers to Hotel Manager Gjerstad, but makes it clear that appreciating guests is the most important thing for a hotel.

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