Crisis meeting in the Eurovision camp – Alessandra quits – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Crisis meeting in the Eurovision camp – Alessandra quits – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Last year's MGP winner, Alessandra Mele, was scheduled to present Norway's points during the Eurovision final, but has now opted out.

The reason is the tense atmosphere following this year's concert in Malmö. In an Instagram post published by Mele today, he had this to say about the situation:

– “United by music” is the motto of Eurovision, the reason I make music – to bring people together. But now they are empty words. Genocide is taking place. He says he will liberate Palestine.

NRK's ​​channel host Ingvild Helgeson replaces Mele.

Sources confirm to NRK that there will be a crisis meeting in the Eurovision camp as several countries will not attend the flag parade during the stage rehearsals currently taking place in Malmö.

Switzerland, Greece and Ireland did not participate in the flag parade.

Sources tell NRK that Great Britain and Portugal participated in the crisis meeting.

Ireland reacts

Ireland also did not attend Saturday's tests, citing that they were embroiled in a dispute with the EBU over comments made by Israeli TV presenters.

Bambi Thak posted this Instagram post after the incident.

Photo: Screenshot

Ireland's competitor Bambi Tugh called on the competition's organizers to address comments made on Israeli television ahead of their performance in Tuesday's semi-final, Irish RTÉ reported.

Bambi Thak said the comments violated Eurovision's rules and said Israel should no longer be allowed to compete.

Bambi the thug

Bambi Thak was unhappy with the comments made on Israeli television about his contribution.

Photo: Martin Meissner / AP/NTB

“There will be a lot of spells and witchcraft and dark clothing, satanic symbols and witch dolls,” commentators are reported to have said, adding that Bambi Gunter “likes to talk negatively about Israel.”

Slimane, the French artist, took the opportunity to deliver a small plea for peace from the stage during his rehearsal. He ends the song before the final chorus:

– We must be “united by music”. It's for love and peace, thank you so much Europe!


Slimane called for calm during his stage rehearsal.

Photo: Martin Meissner / AP


One person who will be paying a lot of attention to this year's Eurovision contest is Morten Thomassen, president of the Norwegian MGB club.

– It's getting more confusing by the minute, he says.

He believes artistes' performances this year may suffer due to the level of excitement surrounding the event.

When asked what caused the tension, Thomassen replied:

– Israel is the elephant in the room. The flood of rumors here is absolutely “crazy”.

He believes the worst thing that can happen is that Israel wins.

– This will be perceived as very wrong by many. Never before has there been so much conflict and outcry against one country as Israel is experiencing now. There was some clamor from Russia a few years ago, but nothing close to this.

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