Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United | Kane and Carragher in a heated debate about Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United |  Kane and Carragher in a heated debate about Cristiano Ronaldo

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher got into an argument when the star became a topic of conversation after the Chelsea game.

Ronaldo had to watch the first 64 minutes of Saturday’s 1-1 game against Chelsea from the bench. At the Sky Sports studio after the match, Carragher was not surprised not to let the Portuguese start.

Ronaldo is not the player he used to be. Obviously he still delivers with goals in mind, but it shouldn’t be a big deal, Cristiano Ronaldo not starting every game or being substituted sometimes, says the former Liverpool player.

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Kane: – This is Chelsea

But against league leaders Chelsea, Kane has no doubts that Ronaldo should play right from the start.

Not in every game, Jimmy, but this is Chelsea. This is a big game for Manchester United. I understand that in the Champions League group stage matches, when you think you’re ahead. This is what I understand.

– But Ronaldo, if you meet him in the parking lot, you see a man who has won everything. He’s back to raise the club. Of course, Kane says he will play in these matches.

Then the two started talking into each other’s mouths and Carragher replied, among other things, that this was something every player wanted.

However, Ken replied:

– Not all of them are world class. He played 800 matches in his career. If you see Manchester United today – and they are weak – you still think that if the ball is going to end with anyone in world football, even if you are 36, you want to be with Ronaldo.

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It’s not that he’s back at the club and doesn’t seem uninterested. He is there and seems interested. That’s with the fact that he’s been accused of press game, he hasn’t pressed for four to six years. Keane said Ronaldo would not fix United’s problems, but Ronaldo would not return to Manchester United to be on the bench.

– There was no plan

Ronaldo as he was known at United ended up this summer after a busy day, starting with him on his way to arch rivals City. Carragher also believes that this is the reason why United chose to bring in the Portuguese.

Why did United sign Cristiano Ronaldo? They signed him to prevent him from going to Man City. There was no plan when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo.

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However, Kane responds by saying that the plan was always for him to play, and that he was not chosen not to go to his archenemy.

– But can’t the Manchester United coach put him on the bench? Carragher asks.

– Of course he can. But his stats since his comeback are good. What is sport? goals, says Kane.

The controversy then became even more vociferous when Keane said that Ronaldo would “never lead United to the league title”.

– So what’s the point of picking it up then? Surprised Carragher asks.

– It’s about the FA Cup and the Champions League. How much is it worth to the club? They made it to the next round of the Champions League, how much do you think about the club? Ken replies if you look at the financial side of it, Glazer, the price, that’s why he’s back.

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When you sign 36-year-old Ronaldo, it’s not about winning in four years. If you pick someone who’s 36 or 37, it’s about winning now, answers Keane, among other things.

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