June 10, 2023


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Criticism is pouring in on Jennifer Lopez

Superstar Jennifer Lopez, 53, launched her own cocktail brand, called “Delola.” It was not to everyone’s taste.

On Tuesday, Lopez announced the cocktail brand to her 241 million followers on Instagram.

Fans weren’t impressed with the new launch, and the comments section is filled with criticism of the singer.

Jennifer Lopez did not comment on the criticism.

The crowd is dissatisfied and Delula becomes suspicious.

Many point out that for several years she has been talking about the benefits of living without alcohol.

There are also many fans who think she will stand up to her husband, Ben Affleck, 50, who is an alcoholic.

“I am very disappointed that you are promoting something that you have explicitly said you are not a part of due to health issues. You are also married to a man who struggles with alcoholism,” writes one person under an Instagram photo.

“This is very disappointing considering she doesn’t drink herself and is married to a dry alcoholic. How about supporting small businesses instead of celebrities throwing their names at anything to make more money?” another says,

“But you don’t drink? Why should we buy alcohol from someone who doesn’t even drink their own?” writes the third.

The criticism of Jehlo and “Dilola” are laudable. Photo: LAUREN JUSTICE

– I just wanted to make something better – something that tasted better, with better ingredients. Something I want to drink with friends and family, which is Delola,” Lopez previously said of the cocktail brand.

Lopez revealed that the Delola project has been in the works for two years, adding that Lola is her nickname which shows her “more fun and carefree side”.

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