Cross country ski tour | Ski Tour AZ: Northug threatened to overtake the Austrian

Cross country ski tour |  Ski Tour AZ: Northug threatened to overtake the Austrian

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Regret. German Tobias Angerer was the first runner to win the Tour de Ski. After the tour, I was invited to Angerer's house in Traunstein. He served weissbier and weisswürst. nice man! And good food!

Power. In 2010, Czech Lukas Bauer got angry with Peter Northug in Oberstdorf. The Norwegian was close and went side to side up the hill as there were extra seconds at the top. After the end, Bower scolded Northug for his squirming walk. Northug was stripped of an extra 15 seconds.

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Charlotte Calla. A star was born when she surprisingly rose to the top in 2008. The mere fact that she was fighting at the top created massive interest in her home country. In the final stage, the mayor himself appeared from his hometown of Tarindo. Bring local food served in the target area. Kala's father was there too, and I remember he was touched. The fight against Ferbi Kyotonen up the Alpine hill was exciting, and on this day Kala laid the foundation for Kala to become a very popular athlete in Sweden.

Role. In 2014, Johannes Dohr set off suspiciously fast on the final stage, up an Alpine hill. So quickly that he was in third place overall. Shortly afterwards, the Austrian was arrested on doping charges and his results were annulled. In addition, Peter Northug threatened, “If I see him on the road again, I will knock him down immediately.”

Emil Iversen You have a few good memories from the tour. But he at least claimed his first World Cup victory here when he won the classic sprint race in Oberstdorf. A lucky place for Tronder who had two more World Cup victories at the same venue, plus he also became world champion here.

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Hair stylist Frida Carlsson. I love Carlson. She dares to say what she thinks, has a great sense of humor and presents herself. In addition, they skate quickly. During last year's tour, she posted photos on Instagram of herself as the Swedish team's hairdresser. It seemed to me that there might be a TV with a little twinkle in the eye if Frida could help the TV 2 crew with the New Year's party. Although Frieda was fighting for overall victory, she joined in, and our victim became the expert Peter Northug. He cut his pubic hair, but it was fun!

He cries. No one cried more on ski tour than Heidi Wong. The tears of victory have come twice, winning in 2017 and 2018. But it is the tears that others have succeeded in that we remember. Like in 2015 when tears flowed and joy flowed with Marit Bjørgen finally succeeding in the Tour de Ski. Heidi is a wonderfully emotional person.

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Whiter than snow. Marit Bjørgen looked disheveled, her face was white and she could not bear to answer many questions, until she almost lost consciousness after a night of vomiting and fever. It was New Year's Day 1 2014 and Bjørgen's new ski touring was destroyed. It never seemed like she who won it all would make it on the tour. But in 2015, she took first place.

Ivo Niskanen He is now considered by many to be the best classic cross-country skier in the world. It didn't seem like that on the classical stage two years ago. Johannes Hosflot Klaebo went straight from the flipper. A powerful experience even for an exhausted Klabo.

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Justina Kowalczyk. No woman has won the Tour de Ski four times like her. Certainly impressive. The moment I remember from her tour victories was when I knocked on her hotel room late in the afternoon. I was ready with a photographer outside to celebrate her with champagne, sweets and flowers. After a long knock on the door, she appeared in her underwear and shirt forcefully; “Come out, Mr. Ernest, I'm going to sleep!”

The door didn't close, it melted again!

Carlson. Sweden earned its second Tour de Ski win when Frida Karlsson won last winter. However, it's the post-race drama that she remembers. After crossing the finish line, she was left lifeless and was eventually taken away in an ambulance. Unusual for ski touring, but not for Frida. I saw her like this when she was little too. Frida does her best, and then she becomes a drama queen.

layer. Cross-country skiing is an individual sport, and Kris Jespersen believes that too. At the start of the hunt in 2014, Martin Johnsrud Sundby started first. Jespersen felt alert and was ready to start the match with Sundby, but the coach told him to stay calm and Martin would help. After that, Jespersen was completely cursed. “A punch in the face,” he said.

Here you can read more by Ernst A. Lersveen

Martin Johnsrud Sundby. The only Tour winner to be stripped of the victory. After using asthma medication in a manner inconsistent with the regulations. It happened in 2015. Peter Northug got the victory.

“I am guilty because of what is written on the medicine box, not because of what was in my body,” he told the Aftenposten newspaper.

Norway He struggled for a long time to achieve success in the Tour de Ski. The first ski tour was organized in 2007. The first Norwegian victory was not achieved until seven years later. But then Therese Johaug and Martin Johnsrud Sundby won.

Race The Oberhof is definitely the longest on the tour. I think it was at least 300 meters long. At the start of the chase here, Peter Northug was responsible for the toughest sprint I've ever seen in the history of the Tour. It was something only he could do at that time. I think he must have passed at least 15 runners during the escape. And he won! naturally!

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annoying. Martin Johnsrud Sundby dominated the Tour de Ski for a short while. The Røa runner relished this role. He liked to talk about races to the media in his slightly arrogant way. Just like when he left the entire world elite at a joint start in the snow and sleet of Lenzerheide. After reaching the finish line more than half a minute ahead of the next man, he said: “I think the speed was a bit painful for those who were a little bit behind.”

Quattro. In 2012, Peter Northug appeared with his own car and driver in the Tour de Ski. The 'fat' Audi Quattro driven by Eric Meier Nossom between the race tracks. Northog had by then become a world and Olympic champion. The team members shook their heads at the special service.

The following year, the cross-country skiing rock star arrived by his own bus. Much to my annoyance. And there was an uproar. Management across the country refused to let Northug sleep on the bus because of the risk of infection. They demanded that the bus be disinfected. The bus was called the “Scandal Bus.”

rattlesnake. Chris Jespersen used his Instagram account in 2015, where he posted a photo of Peter Northug driving a car with Jespersen next to him. Then there was an uproar. The management had no sense of humor among the men.

Northug had lost his driving license after drink-driving in Trondheim in May. Jespersen added the text to the photo: “Get me a new driver for today,” along with a thumbs-up sign.

In addition to, among others, the subject tags #veientilførerkortet and #bacardi

stubborn – Like an ass. After winning the Tour de Ski four years in a row, Justyna Kowalczyk emerged as the favorite for the Tour that began at Christmas 2013. However, she only appeared to say she did not want to take part in the Tour. Five of the seven races were freestyle, which was not her preferred discipline.

Therese Gohauge It is proof that exercise is underestimated. She made her Tour de Ski debut in 2008 and finished 14th, three and a half minutes behind winner Charlotte Cala!

During her career, she won the Tour three times and became almost unbeatable on the final climbing stage. Top of the Alpine hill. Eight times this mountain goat was the fastest to climb!

Stormy weather. Cross-country skiing is not often canceled due to storms. It happened in Oberstdorf in 2018. Lightning, thunder, rain, hail and strong gusts of wind made it dangerous to be on the ski field. Of course, the jury had to cancel the race.

Ferbi koitonin The Finn made history, taking second place on the Alpine hill in 2007. She also won in 2009 after a thrilling duel with her Finnish rival, Eino Kaisa Saarinen. I remember very well that Saarinen sat in the elevator at the end zone afterward and cried and cried from the disappointment of getting beaten.

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Wong. Hardly anyone has toured more than Heidi Wong. She won overall in 2017 and 2018. I remember her mother being very excited over the details of the races. Mama Mai ran and shouted words of encouragement to her daughter that could be heard from a distance.

X factor. Peter Northug has been making his mark on the Tour de Ski for 10 years. He led almost all the tours he participated in, but was almost always left on the Alpine slopes. But he had fun. Like when he humiliated Lucas Bauer in all the sprints at the ski field in Val di Fiemme. He looked at the Czech, smiled, and pointed to the TV cameras with the number of sprints he had won. But Bauer retaliated on the Alpine hill. This did not please the FIS either, because the following year the enemy points were moved to the highest point on the track – and then Northog suffered.

“It's hopeless,” he told me. “The FIS has put speed racing at the top of the tree.”

Northug put on a lot of shows and fun.

Yankee. Jessica Diggins was the first American to win in 2021. Norway has struggled to find success in the Tour de Ski, but now has 13 victories overall. Russia 5, Switzerland 4, Poland 4, Czech Republic 2, Finland 2, Sweden 2, Germany 1 and USA 1.

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Zorzi. The cheerful Italian runner competed in his first Ski Tour in 2007. Zorzi comes from a small place not far from the Tour's finish line in Val di Fiemme. His son has a somewhat unusual name, christened Harald.

– I thought the King of Norway had such a great name, he once told me.

honor Be the order as before, with the chase starting in the final stage with the first man on the Alpe Cermis the winner. As of 2019, a combined start has been introduced for this distance.

Östberg. Ingvild Flugstad Østberg has seen a lot on the Tour de Ski. Everything from sending her home because the Tour de Ski might be too difficult for Ingvild, as it happened in 2014. She was then described as “just” a runner. to win the Tour overall in 2019.

the year The year was 2023. Johannes Hosflot Kleibo took Peter Northug's record with 13 stage victories in the Tour de Ski. Klæbo now has 17 stage wins on his way to an unbeatable record. Justyna Kowalczyk and Therese Gohaug have the most women's stage wins, with 14 each.

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