Cross-Country Skiing: Many Unsigned Toilet Agreements: – Never tried before

Cross-Country Skiing: Many Unsigned Toilet Agreements: – Never tried before

WC ON HOME TRACK: Frida Karlsson will first experience the World Championships in Sweden in 2027. Photo: SIMON HASTEGÅRD / BILDBYRÅN

A number of organizers of the upcoming World Ski Championships have not yet accepted contracts offered by the International Ski Federation (FIS), VG reports. Includes Swedish Falun in 2027.

-We work through agreements. “There are still some details that we cannot go into,” Swedish Ski Federation Secretary General Pernilla Bond tells VG.

– When do you hope the agreement will be ready?

– as soon as possible. We have a good dialogue. We expect to reach the finish line. I can't give a specific date, but we are working on things. I would say it's undramatic.

Pernilla Farms
<-Pernilla Farms

Secretary General, Swedish Ski Association

Events manager Terje Lund at the Norwegian Ski Association, on the other hand, has never faced a similar situation before with the uncertainty surrounding many toilet contracts, he told VG.

Written last week YLE For which the Finnish Ski Association refused to sign the agreement Figure skating in the Scandinavian disciplines in 2029.

At the same time, VG has been informed that the following contracts are also not in the fund:

  • 2027: World Nordic Disciplines Ski Championships in Falun, Sweden
  • 2027: World Freestyle and Snowboard Championships in Montafon, Austria
  • 2027: Alpine World Cup in Crans-Montana, Switzerland
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– The agreement was not signed. We are working on trying to find a solution, Diego Zweiger tells VG.

He is managing director of the Swiss Ski Association. They were in The conflict with the Islamic Salvation Front About the financial guarantee of the tournament.

Ski heads: Photo of controversial FIS head Johan Eliach speaking with Swiss ski boss Urs Lehmann during the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. Photograph: Dennis Balibus/Reuters/NTB

In 2022, several countries reacted to the process when Johan Elias (62 years old) was re-elected as head of the Islamic Salvation Front without opposition candidates. The Swedish billionaire, among other things, made himself unpopular by obtaining a decision from the board of directors that the sale of television rights should be the responsibility of the Islamic Salvation Front and is no longer an option for the national federations.

The media department of the Islamic Salvation Front did not respond to VG’s repeated inquiries in this regard.

Toilet where? At the moment, it is not 100% clear where Johannes Hosflot Klaebo and the rest of the world championship skiing elite will compete in the coming years. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solom/NTB

Finland's Lahti is the only candidate for the 2029 Nordic Ski World Championships, and was expected to be officially awarded the world championship during next week's FIS Congress.

“In practice, it's about money – the distribution of income and risk.”

“I'm not very surprised,” Terry Lund tells VG.

He has worked for the Norwegian Ski Association for 21 years and is the events director.

– There are many World Cup agreements that have not been signed at the present time. I've never experienced that before. This was not the case previously and suggests that many regulators are finding current contracts to be more demanding than before.

Terry Lund
<-Terry Lund

Events Director, NSF

– What are the basic points in the contracts of the organizer of the Islamic Salvation Front?

– undertakes to organize and implement the water cycle. You bear most of the risks. You will then receive a guaranteed sum of cash from FIS for doing so – provided that FIS has all the TV and marketing rights.

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At the moment, Narvik is also working with the Norwegian Ski Association to review the contract with FIS for the Alpine World Cup in 2029. Narvik is one of three candidates who could be awarded the championship during the FIS conference in Iceland on June 4.

Moreover, as is known, Norway will host the World Ski Championships in Nordic disciplines in Trondheim next year. The contract with the Islamic Salvation Front was signed in 2020.

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