Cross-country skiing, Russia | The stars do not speak after the bloody clash: – I passed out

Cross-country skiing, Russia |  The stars do not speak after the bloody clash: – I passed out

Russian cross-country skiers have been banned this winter, and only compete in their home country.

There was a high temperature between the two largest files in the country. For Alexander Bolshunov and Sergey Ustyugov, things got so bad that they did not even talk about speaking terms.

It is said to have occurred after a clash during a competition on Tuesday, in which both fell to the ground. Bolshunov was badly bruised and bleeding from his face.

– Everything is fine with me, only Sergei seems to be unable to let go of the situation. Over the top I was first, then Sergei wanted to pass, but my skis were faster, says a bloodied Bolshunov in his explanation to Match TV, according to NRK.

On the other hand, Ostgogov believes that things are done according to the rule book.

– He swore at me when we went downstairs. I thought everything was according to the rules, but I’m not sure, says Ostgogov.

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He goes on to say that it was the younger cross country star who caused the downfall.

– I passed this place with a lot of passes, but Alexander pushed me out. I didn’t want to keep it inside because it was icy.

Bolshunov reveals that he was blackened for a short time after the fall, due to a blow to the head.

– I started sliding to the left and then my skates cut through, causing me to fall. I passed out for a moment after hitting my head so hard. It was terribly boring.

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A few days ago, the same profiles had destroyed each other, when, to great protests from Ustyugov, Bolshunov finally won the sprint. He thought his countryman had changed lanes infrequently, and should have been eliminated.

It is now said that the commotion created a bad atmosphere between the two stars, who are said not to speak.

– We haven’t spoken since Sunday, and today we said “hello,” says Polsonov.

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