January 28, 2023


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Cross-country skiing, Therese Juhaug |  He made the youngster shake his head.  Now the Norwegian camp strikes back

Cross-country skiing, Therese Juhaug | He made the youngster shake his head. Now the Norwegian camp strikes back

Therese Gohaug and national team coach Ole Morten Iversen understand little of the criticism from Thomas Alsgaard.

Lillehammer (Nettavizen): Gouhaug and national team coach Ole Morten Iversen both successfully completed the 10km freestyle on Saturday. It was reported that the Russian Tatyana Sorina repeatedly walked on the poles of the Cross-Country star.

Iversen thought it cost Gohaug the win, and so he faced Sorina coach Igor Sorin after the race. It was believed that the Russian sprinter had been behaving unsportsmanlike since she stepped on the sticks of Juhoj.

Norwegian camp reaction Thomas made Alsgaard react.

– Thérèse may be upset right now, but for the coaches to start arguing after that is completely hopeless, he said at NRK’s ​​winter studio.

Watch Therese Johaug’s reaction in the video above!

Alsgaard thought the Norwegian overreaction, and said being run over on poles is something that happens in cross-country skiing.

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Johog is stunned by the small criticism

However, Gohoge believes she should be allowed to speak out when a runner frequently steps on her canes.

– We just said no. It must be the law. Today, Sorina hasn’t stepped on my cheekbones once, so she may have learned a bit, she told Nettavisen.

Sorina and Gohoj faced each other in the third stage of the World Cup relay on Sunday, which ended with the victory of the Russian women.

– Do you think the youngster would have reacted if it was you yesterday?

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– Yes, I really think so. I heard when I got back to the hotel that he said “that’s how things used to be in sports”. But yes, I’m excited about what Thomas would have done if he had stepped on his poles for five kilometres, says Gohoge.

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– Adrenaline is boiling

Cross country coach Espen Bervig is surprised that Alsgaard doesn’t understand that there can be so many emotions after the end.

Thomas must do as he pleases. And then he should of all people, who have been a lot involved in this, know how the adrenaline boils in the target area when such things happen, Bjervig tells Nettavisen.

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Sports are emotions and boil a little in all of us when you reach the finish line. We put it into account for that. We chatted with Soren instead and he is totally cute. This is not a problem, says the Norwegian cross-country manager.

Bjervig thinks Alsgaard must know how frustrating it can be when someone steps on your poles.

– Do you think he reacted until yesterday?

– Yes, guaranteed, says Bjerwig.

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Do not regret the confrontation

This is also the opinion of national team coach Ole Morten Iversen, who was the representative of Norway who reported the frustration of Igor Sorin, the coach of Russia and Sorina’s husband.

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“I think Thomas Alsgaard would have reacted if he had someone walking on his poles in half the competition,” Iversen told Netavisen.

During Saturday’s NRK broadcast, Alsgaard announced that it was not uncommon for contestants to walk reels on each other’s poles.

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However, Iverson believes Johaug witnessed this unnaturally occur multiple times during Saturday’s race.

– If you talk to Therese, I think she tells a different story than it happens all the time, says the coach of the national team.

Iverson says he thought it was right to have a conversation with Soren after the 10km run on Saturday.

I think if there are any athletes out there who do something a bit unsportsmanlike, I as a coach would appreciate hearing it from someone else who has seen it.

– It’s a small correction and then there won’t be a problem later, says Iversen who said he had a good tone with Russia’s Soren during Sunday’s relay.