Culture and entertainment, children in crime

Culture and entertainment, children in crime

Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad met the actors of the film shot at Blinken in Bakkeli this week. Many major scenes have been recorded here these days.

Zero experience

The 58-year-old actor had no acting experience, but director Kenneth Karlstad trusted him after going through several rounds of auditions.

When the hit series “Kids In Crime” returns with a second season next year, Wenche Bjerke can be found in the role of Lea Myrén's character Monica's grandmother.

Kenneth Karlstad previously told Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad that Season 2 has a story that brings more thematic seriousness to the series, and a grandson/grandmother relationship that he believes will be very strong.

Winch Burkey, who has never acted before, is enjoying her first film role.

– It's great fun, says Bjerke to SA.

It will be extra

The Hanstad woman first applied to be an extra, and was called in to audition.

“Then one thing led to another, and suddenly I was sitting with the script for this leading role in my hand,” Winch smiles.

– Why did you submit an additional request?

“I thought it would be fun to be in the background,” she says.

So it didn't work out that way.

Boast about production

She clearly showed her talent to director Kenneth Karlstad and the production team at Einar Film.

-What does your first leadership role look like?

-There are a lot of good people in front of and behind the camera. They stand up and help. “Things don't always go well, but I have very good people supporting me,” Berkey says.

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Wenche Bjerke plays a worried grandmother trying to make things work.

She describes the filming, which has been taking place since April, as a great adventure.

-It's exciting and educational. “I'm going to live on this until I die,” Berkey laughs.


-What is the most demanding thing about playing your first leadership role?

– To remember the lines, answer quickly.

-Do you have many fonts?

– Yes, it will come faster.

– What will the second season be like?

– It will be a little different from the first season. It's even a little bit darker, and very sexy,” Berkey says.

Martin Overevec: – Brutal

In “Kids In Crime”, Martin Ovrivik plays teenage Pal, also known as Pal Bot, the best friend of Tommy Olsen, played by Christian Repchus.

In the series, the two incur debts to the crazy Rohypnol kingpin Freddy Halfet (played by Jacob Oftebro).

Ovrevik, who has gained more acting experience since last time, believes that the new season will be more difficult than the previous one.

– It's better not to look. It would be very good,” Ovrevik laughs.

– I'm just kidding, but it would be brutal. “We are taking this to a new level,” he asserts.

Difficult scenes

– What is the most difficult to implement this season?

– The most difficult thing is to find the emotions that should appear in front of the camera. I've had a few difficult scenes lately. After that, I sat for several days and my thinking was completely strange, Avrevik explains.

How did your acting journey affect you?

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– Many doors have opened. I've had a lot of reality requests. I will not do that. “What pleased me the most was that I received a cinema education within two months,” says Martin Ovrevik.

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