Culture and entertainment, Sparta amphitheatre

Culture and entertainment, Sparta amphitheatre

Our goal is to create a shared space all year round, where children and young people feel welcome, seen and heard. We want Sparta Amfi to be a place for you – even if you don't necessarily play ice hockey or snowboard yourself. Sparta Amphi has cared for children and youth, shaping them over 60 years into good people. That's what this weekend is all about, says Sparta's Jan Haakon Dahlen.

This is the first time Sparta has been involved in this type of collaboration, so the weekend consists of learning for Sparta.

– This weekend we will learn, listen and see. We aim to achieve this every year, and we have succeeded in achieving it. With such good people active this week in the amphitheater with a strong commitment to other children and young people, we must not lose sight that this could become an annual event, says an excited Dalin.

Participants are from 7 different countries

On Thursday, the doors open for what will be 4 days with a full focus on children and young people. There are 256 registered, distributed across 7 different countries. Ole Martin Pedersen-Gestad, Managing Director of KRED, is looking forward to the weekend.

– It's a bit scary having to fill such large surfaces with activity, which is undoubtedly a challenge with new buildings and concepts. “But we have worked very hard and are convinced that this will be a good thing,” says Gestad.

In these expensive times, it was very important to the organizers that the show be free.

– For Sparta, it's about finding something for children and young people, especially in our immediate environment in Alvim and Brevik. We know that there are many children and young people who do not have the opportunity to go on holiday or go on trips, so it was very important for us that the exhibition area in the Youth Hall was open to everyone. Not least for free. Dallin says Ole Martin and the municipality have been impeccable here and have arranged a fantastic weekend for anyone who wants to make the trip.

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He also takes the opportunity to brag about the collaboration with Pedersen Gjestad in particular:

– It was great working with Oli Martin. Oli Martin shares the same mindset as us, that we create the society we want, concludes the lively discussion.

Briefly about Norcob

Norcup is a constantly evolving e-sports tournament. This is the fourth year that Norcup has been organised. Since its inception in 2020, the event has become bigger and bigger. This year the event is bigger than ever.

There is a record number of entries to the tournaments taking place in Solbin this weekend. There is competition in Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch 2, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. What's new this year is that there's a greater focus this time around the gaming scope. All participants get the opportunity to play on the main stage, which will be equipped with full studio production, participant entries etc., just as in major international tournaments.

In parallel with the tournaments, there will also be a gaming exhibition where attendees can test different types of technology, look at different stands and participate in competitions. The building is open from 09:30 to 22:00 daily throughout the weekend.

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