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For Bernard Arnault, the anniversary of the Powder Tower falls this year. This year, he came to Stavern and the Powder Tower Theater for the first time in 30 years. But Christian Greer Ström remains the true veteran, with his appearance at Powder Tower already in 1989.

– Why do we go back year after year? It’s perhaps as simple as getting the most fun job in the world during our weeks at Stavern. I actually think this is the most fun thing I do all year. Christian says it’s simply the best summer job.

Although few know him as such. Grandma apparently thought Tim was a dog’s name, when he was released at birth. Therefore, I became a Christian.

– But like everyone else, she also called me Tim. Since you were born, Tim says. As the only one in the group, he also grew up in Stafford.

– Yes, I lived in Stavern while I was in middle and high school. That’s why it’s so nice to spend the summer here, he says.

Cabin and boat

After 28 years in Stavern, Bernhard Arnø and his family purchased a cabin by Lydhus. In a way, summertime work with Powder Tower Theater makes it more family-friendly. Tim brings his boat to Stavern, and lives there.

– What was so special about Powder Tower Theater was that we became almost like one big family. It was closer when we were on the island. Then we lived near each other for six weeks. Now people are renting cabins and houses. But unity remains strong, after theatrical life in Stavern has long been a form of holiday colony, says Bernard Arn.

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On Friday, July 1, the Powder Tower Theater presents this year’s show, “Peter Pan.” Then he goes on one almost until Sunday the 31st. Then they’ll be on stage a total of 44 times. This year they play at slightly different times, mostly to join the second Galeiscenen event. And they have more offers than ever.

Bernhard worked in the summer at Stavern for 28 years: – I have dreamed of this for many years!

Peter Pan

This year, Powder Tower Theater plays “Peter Pan,” which was built around Scottish plays by James Matthew Barris (1860-1937) and three novels.

– Gunpowder Tower Theater is associated in all years with classic stories, and we address both children and adults. Although we take everything very seriously, we create shows where nonsense is somehow put into order. We want to appear professional and advanced and would like to deliver a polyphonic performance. When we arrived at Stavern on June 18, we only had two weeks until the premiere. And not much was prepared, except that director Renard Howden brought some sketches and ideas with him. For us, it becomes most of the way as we go. It’s not without reason that the Kruttårn grip has become a concept on the stage. We’re very proud of that,” says Christian “Tim” Greer Ström.


Photo Series: Many Memories of the Powder Tower Theater

from 1986

The Gunpowder Tower Theater premiered in 1986. At that time, Ann Meek directed “Thor with the Hammer”. Since then, they’ve come back summer after summer, except for 2018, when they had to throw in the towel because so many of them simply couldn’t clear the place. Peter Pan has done it twice before, in 1990 and 2005.

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– The only thing I can promise is that this will be a whole new show with completely new entrances and whims. Bernard Arnault says that only madness will be involved in all three productions. This year he’s taking on the role of “Peter,” while Terrell Hyde Steen plays “Wendy.” The other cast is Christian Friedrich Skollman and Nils Jürgen Kalstad (Yugi), while Peder Farkoi is in charge of the music.

The only thing we already know is true, is what we read on the big posters on our way to camp: “The Gunpowder Tower gang performance is played with lots of humor and sudden twists, accompanied by music and high speed!

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