– Currently not relapse – VG

- Currently not relapse - VG
Famous photo: Karsten Warholm won the World Cup gold for the second time in a row in 2019 and the Olympic gold medal last fall – both times against American Ray Benjamin (right). Photo from pre-start in Tokyo 11 months ago.

With 18 days before the World Cup kicks off, Karsten Warholm’s coach Liv Olaf Allen remains optimistic given that the world record holder will be ready for the tournament in the US – note well with some reservations.


– It’s progress, Leif Olav Alnes tells VG on Monday.

Three weeks have passed since the world 400m hurdles champion Norway injured the back of his right thigh during his first appearance of the season in Rabat, Morocco. for seven days ago The Olympic gold medalist replied that he was well aware that could happen – when asked if the World Cup was within reach.

Then he returned a few days before the establishment of treatment and rehabilitation with the famous German doctor Hans Wilhelm Muller Wolfhardt in Munich, on the recommendation of the senior director of the Warholm Equipment SponsorNorwegian Bjørn Gulden.

– We have to speed up slowly. It’s a dreaded kind of injury, we don’t want to get hit again, says Liv Olaf Allenis – 19 days before the World Cup qualifiers in the 400m hurdles on July 16 on the West Coast of the United States.

He states that there will be tournaments after that, the European Athletics Championships in August, the new World Cup next year and the Paris 2024 Olympics. And Alnes thinks they could have taken more risks by equipping Warholm Eugen, if that was his team. The last international championship – as it was not meant to be.

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We must take the right risk, he says.

Lev Olaf Alnes chose not to attend to follow his practitioners Amalie Lowell And the Elizabeth Slytum During the NM Athletics in Størdal last week. He followed Carsten Warholm closely during his training sessions in Oslo.

– So far there have been no setbacks, says Lev Olaf Alnes.

IAAF sporting director Erlind Slovic told NTB on Monday that “there is a possibility” that Warholm will be ready for the World Cup.

– Even today he seems to have had enough. Slokvik says he’s on schedule.

On the other hand, Lev Olaf Alnes emphasized that the “result” was not given.

Warholm’s training sessions take place, as he put it, in a more or less usual way. With one important reservation. He isn’t driving with a very full bolt just yet, which he should be able to do before he finally gets to the starting line at 22.20 in Oregon in less than three weeks.

Super Final: Ray Benjamin lost pace during the second hurdles and was behind his successor Rosser (third place) on the penultimate hurdles – but ultimately won 33/100 Trevor Bassett at the US Championship on Sunday.

It’s about rationality. realistic. With a systematic approach. We cannot hope, we must act. Otherwise, we’re optimistic – as always. But if the road turns upside down, we must turn around, too. We can’t act like this: “I go straight, no matter what we’re up against,” notes Lev Olaf Alnes.

Under normal circumstances, the duo will travel to the United States at least nine days before the start of the tournament to make up for the time difference between Norway and the US West Coast (nine hours). Under current conditions, this schedule may be different.

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Sunday evening Norwegian time Vant Ray Benjamin (24) World Cup qualifiers in the United States in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 47.04 seconds, according to American media, after Covid disease and a thigh muscle disorder. This is the best time of the season this season in the world. Benjamin took the Olympic silver medal with a score of 46.17 when Warholm won the Olympic gold and set a world record with 45.94 in Tokyo 11 months ago.

Trevor Bassett (24) finished second behind Benjamin at the World Cup Stadium in Eugene with 47.47, ahead of successor Roser (26) with 47.65. They ran for the first time in 48 seconds and are ready for the World Cup.

Brazil’s Alison dos Santos (22), a bronze medalist at the Olympics, had the second-best time in the world with a score of 47.23 – set in Eugene’s Diamond League on May 28.

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