Customers across the country affected

Customers across the country affected

Problem: Telenor and CEO Sigve Brekke are facing challenges with the mobile network on the eve of Pentecost. Photo: Helgi Mikalsen/VG

It affects individuals and many public bodies, but appears to stabilize late Saturday evening.

The bug has also affected some customers abroad.

Telenor itself appointed a crisis task force after the country's largest digital services provider experienced issues with its mobile network on White Sunday.

– Normalization

– Telenor has implemented measures to normalize the situation. We are still working to ensure complete stability, and are closely monitoring traffic. We apologize to all customers affected by the error situation, Telenor's press director, Anders Krokan, wrote in a message to VG late Saturday evening.

It was reported earlier that instability in the mobile network caused some calls to fail and mobile data was down for some.

-If some customers do not get a backup of all services, we recommend that they put the mobile phone in airplane mode, then turn it on again.

Anders Krokan
<-Anders Krokan

Press Director, Telenor

– What we see is that it is somewhat sporadic, but in different regions of the country. Crocan said earlier in the evening that it was too early to say anything about the number of people affected. He then emphasized that only “some” had problems.

VG received several tips on Saturday evening about a problem with Telenor. The tips relate to several parts of the country. Some also write that there is a problem with the mobile network abroad. Crocan confirms this shortly before 11.30pm.

Photograph: Dado Rovik/Reuters/NTB

VG has also been informed that payment terminals, self-service store openings and electric scooters have been suspended.

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At 21.15, Telenor's coverage manager, Björn Amundsen, reported Bergens Tidendi Telenor has appointed a crisis team.

-We always do that with these kind of events. He says the technical department is now working on troubleshooting.

Björn Amundsen
<-Björn Amundsen

Telenor Coverage Manager

Home service is affected by Telenor problems. At Osteridet Hospital in Alvear, they do not receive alerts from patients.

– It is dangerous for patients and very stressful. So far, things have gone well, fortunately. We have to visit patients often to check if they need anything, employee Ann-Kitty Bertheussen tells VG.

Krokan at Telenor says there are no indications that Telenor is vulnerable to hacking.

– We are working in full swing to restore the stability of the mobile phone network again, and solve the problems we face. We have had violations since 8 p.m.

Telenor's problems also create problems for ambulances in Oslo.

Ambulance in Oslo. Illustrative image. Photo: Jorm Kallstad/NTB

Oslo University Hospital's press officer, Anders Baer, ​​told VG that they have lost GPS tags and are not allowed to send assignments to specific ambulances.

– But we compensate well for this with good communication via voice, emergency network and mobile network. Thus, we have no recorded delays in ambulance missions due to Telenor issues, says Bayer.

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