Cyber ​​Truck Unveiled – Tesla Showcases Cyber ​​Truck

Cyber ​​Truck Unveiled - Tesla Showcases Cyber ​​Truck

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(Elbil24): Then Elon Musk and Tesla Show off their Cybertruck In November 2019, the audience responded with everything from shock to unbridled excitement. Some even thought it was a joke.

Many wrote off the futuristic, angular-style car as a gimmick that would never make it to the production line, but Musk insisted the car would go into production and be ready for delivery in 2021.

Despite the criticism, the car quickly gained a lot of followers, and Tesla confirmed in May this year that More than a million customers have booked the car, mostly in the USA – but also here at home, many can imagine a version. A year ago, we were able to report a vehicle reservation by More than 6000 Norwegians.

delayed – again

However, in August, the message came that the car would not go into production until 2022. Now Elon Musk has just announced at a meeting with shareholders, that the car It won’t go into production until 2023.

However, Tesla hopes to be able to produce a modest number of cars in 2022, but due to the persistent shortage of chips in the market, according to the company, it will not be possible to start mass production until the following year. The plant in Austin, Texas that will build the car is not yet finished and not operational, which makes the situation even more difficult.

The delay also applies to Tesla’s new car, the Roadster sports car, which also won’t go into production until 2023.

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If you are keep a copy Via the Norwegian Tesla online store, you will continue to receive the following message:

“You will be able to complete the configuration as production approaches in late 2022.”

However, we already know that the US market will be given priority, which means that Norwegian customers will have to wait longer.

Hardly the same car in Europe

There was also uncertainty about whether the heavy, angular and rigid vehicle would pass the EU’s stringent regulations for type approval, which, among other things, set requirements for soft zones that benefit pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision.

So there will likely be a separate smaller version for the European market, which we have I wrote about it earlier.

Elbil24 Editor-in-Chief Fred Magne Schilbeck thinks this will take time.

– Now it’s mostly about getting the Model Y, and then the Cybertruck for the US market. They also have a half exit, plus a new roadster. Personally, I don’t think a smaller pickup is ready for Norway until 2024 at the earliest, but it would be just a guess, says Skilbeck.

However, the cost of the reservation does not exceed 1,000 NOK, and Tesla assures that the amount will be fully refundable.

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