Czech Republic: Hurricane destroys villages – Eyewitness: “Then hell began, everything flew around”

25. June 2021 – 17:24 Clock

In the video: Hurricane leaves the path of disaster in the Czech Republic

A violent hurricane swept across the southeastern Czech Republic on Thursday evening, killing at least three people. A spokesman for rescue workers said Friday. Seven villages in the southern Moravian region were destroyed. More than 200 were injured, at least ten of them seriously injured. Other media reports spoke of five deaths. In many villages, roofs were closed, windows were smashed, and cars were thrown around. Several buses overturned in the storm.

The video shows eyewitness accounts of the hurricane – drone images also show the extent of the disaster.

Czech Republic: The situation is chaotic in the region with severe weather after the hurricane

An electric pole was caught in a storm in the Czech Republic.

© dpa, Šálek Václav, xrj

Emergency services assume more casualties, but the exact number is not yet known. People are still buried under the rubble. A spokesman for the Red Cross told the ORF that the situation on the site was “very confusing”: the five dead are likely to be verified, but reports vary widely on the number of injured, three, then hundreds, then hundreds. “

The last major hurricane in Germany was Boforsheim in 1968.

Hrusky devastated by hurricane: “Only walls, no roof, no windows”

The village of Hrusky was particularly badly affected by the hurricane.

Storm in the Czech Republic: According to the village deputy mayor Hrusky, people could not save themselves.

© dpa, Vaclav Salek, xrj ost

Interior Minister John Hamasek tweeted that the situation in the region was serious and that all emergency services were on duty. Health Minister Adam Wojtek described the situation there in a war and the catastrophic situation on television. “Such forces are what cause cars to actually fly hundreds of meters through the air and debris slam into concrete walls,” Andreas Friedrich, a hurricane officer with the German Meteorological Service, said Friday. He took wind speeds of 300 to 400 kilometers per hour, depending on the damage he saw in pictures of the Czech Republic. It was “the only hurricane to ever hit Europe”.

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The deputy mayor of Hrusky village told CDK that half the site had been demolished. “There are only walls, no roof and no windows,” he said. People could not have saved themselves from the storm. According to reports on social media, the size of tennis balls in the districts of Breklaw and Hodon fell.

It is currently raining thunderstorms across the Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Hail to the size of tennis balls

Heavy summer thunderstorms lashed through southern Moravia throughout Thursday evening, making it known for its wine-growing areas. Thunderstorms and heavy hail accompanied the storm. Emergency lines carried the load. According to reports on social media, the size of tennis balls has dropped in the districts of Breklaw and Hodon. Fort Walthis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was damaged by millions of people. Numerous window panes have been broken in the Baroque building since the 17th century.

The T2 motorway from Brno to Breklaw and Slovakia was closed for several hours. A high voltage line fell on the road. In the morning a lane could be cleared and there were traffic jams. About 75,000 homes across the country were without electricity.

The eyewitness reports panic and confusion

A big fan is seen in pictures and videos on social media. The meteorological service CHMU later confirmed that it was a hurricane. Many residents of the affected communities were shocked. “Suddenly I heard a strange roar as if a train was approaching,” a witness told the “Bravo” newspaper. “Then the hell started, everything was flying around.” His house no longer has a roof, no ceiling, no windows, another statement.

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Several rescue teams of dogs were on their way to the area to search for lessons buried inside the buildings. The fire brigade went from house to house. Rescue workers from neighboring Austria and Slovakia also rushed to the scene. “There’s a lot of chaos here, a lot of panic,” another witness in the Luci லn municipality told the CD station. Many houses are said to be in danger of collapsing. Police blocked access roads to several places to keep spectators away.

The tornado also hit Austria

Not only the Czech Republic was badly affected by the hurricane, but Austria also received heavy hail.

Storm in the Czech Republic: Hailstorms reduced the size of tennis balls in the Czech Republic and Austria.

© dpa, Šálek Václav, xrj None

According to the APA agency, hail also caused severe damage in neighboring Austria. In Upper and Lower Austria, a loss of 28 million euros is expected in agriculture alone, said a spokesman for the hail insurance company. Hailstones the size of tennis balls destroyed hundreds of roofs and damaged numerous cars. The roofs were actually deformed by holes, it was said. More than 1,600 firefighters were on duty there.

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