Dag Erik Pedersen lost his ex-girlfriend

Dag Erik Pedersen lost his ex-girlfriend

Former professional cyclist Die Eric Pedersen (63) He led the success of NRK’s ​​”Master of Masters” for twelve seasons, through 2021.

With ex-girlfriend Anya Velez, he has two daughters, Salma (23 years old) and Snefa (28 years old). The couple divorced in 2018after 28 years as lovers and roommates.

A few years before the breakup, in 2016, Velez was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Sadness crushes him

Last week, the family announced that Feliz had passed away, write sHur Tuesday.

Four of Velez’s closest relatives wrote about the death on Facebook.

“We would love to have your beautiful, warm, gentle hand and hold it forever, but tonight we had to let go. And you flew into the sky. Our beloved, incredibly beautiful, wild, adorable, clothes-loving family,” the family wrote, adding:

“We eventually realized it had to be this way, but we probably didn’t realize it anyway. Now we are devastated with grief and we miss your warm eyes and beautiful smile so much. But we are also infinitely grateful for all that you have given us and all the near and dear people around you in your life.” Too short. You are our star. I love you.”

– It was brutal

Dag Erik Pedersen previously told when his ex-boyfriend received the diagnosis in 2016.

– It was brutal. Suddenly we arrived, from being supporters in the cause of cancer – by working for the Cancer Society with the most important bike ride of the year “Granfondo Don Pedro” – to becoming patients and relatives. I’ve had close friends who lost their lives to cancer, so it was personal before, too. But it’s more personal now. Pedersen says she was hit with a massive weight Previously told to Se og Hør.

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In 2018, Velez was told that the disease had stabilized.

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