Dagbladet App – Get the latest news from Dagbladet

Dagbladet App - Get the latest news from Dagbladet

Get the latest news about Ukraine!

With the Dagbladet news app, you are in the driver’s seat. Dagbladet will be the first with the latest news in news, sports and entertainment and gives you alerts on the most important issues.

In the app, you can choose which issues and topics you want to be notified about and customize which notifications you can get right on your phone’s home screen.

In the application itself, you will get a quick overview of the latest and most important news – around the clock.

Overview: This is what the Dagbladet app looks like.
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The best in politics, consumables, travel content and opinion are also collected in the Quick App, which gives you complete access to the world of Dagbladet content.

Plus, you get live coverage and a news studio through the app, which provides you with the latest news around the clock.

The app also brings the entire world of Dagbladet video to you, with the latest videos, the hottest viral videos and celebrities out there and extensive live coverage of the latest news events from home and abroad.

The app also offers award-winning specials and reports, as well as all exclusive cases from Dagbladet plus.

In the application you can also easily Buy Dagbladet Plusswhich gives you premium daily articles, online newspapers, magazines, and more – all in a mobile-friendly format.

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