Dagbladet Reveals: – Beet Vaccine Warning: Not Heard

Dagbladet Reveals: - Beet Vaccine Warning: Not Heard

Dagbladet has access to text messages showing that Oslo’s school director Marte Gerhardson has warned about the vaccination situation at high school this summer.

Gerhardson asked in the back room to immediately vaccinate all students in high school. She did not respond to a text message from then-school councilor Inga Martே Thorkilton. Her wish was not fulfilled either.

On August 27, Gerhardson wrote to then-school councilor Inga Martே Thorkiltson (SV):

“(…) One idea: Can VGS students in schools be vaccinated sooner? There are 17,000 students and need to be managed. And that would be incredibly good!», Gerhardsen writes to Thorkildsen in a text message that Dagbladet has been given access.

Less logistics than booking classes themselves, Gerhardsen then adds in the SMS.

Nine percent were vaccinated

She did not respond to a text message.

Before Gerhardsen and Thorkildsen resigned as school councilors, Dagbladet knew that the long-standing relationship was frozen.

In the last numbers Oslo Municipality, as of October 29, found that only nine percent of 16- to 17-year-olds are fully vaccinated.. 38% have an undiagnosed / unexplained condition.

– We wanted to make it easier for high school students to get vaccinated at school. That’s why we’re glad the districts started with vaccinations in schools in early September, ”Martே Gerhardson said in an email to Dagbladet.

This is his only comment on the information that Dagbladet can now bring to the square.

Suddenly he left

Gerhardson has resigned as school counselor after he asked Thorkildson to vaccinate students in high school.

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Docblade said a teacher who was lying at Thorkiltson’s desk was violently absent during the day.

In this case, Dagbladet was able to say that the resigned SV manager had given very little information to the city council and that this would one day come due to new written questions from the Oslo Conservatives.

Did not answer

Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll (SV) succeeds Inga Marte Thorkildsen as city councilor for the school.

– He writes in an email to Dagbladet that local health officials who organize vaccines and those who can answer specific questions about the organization and what assessments have been made regarding vaccines.

Dagbladet asked Holmås Eidsvoll why the city council did not listen to Marte Gerhardsen’s prayer, but found no answer.

Private schools

The city council points out that many private schools have vaccinated many students in high schools.

– Following the decision of the government, it was opened in Oslo for vaccination of 16 – 17 year olds, first 20.08. 20.08 For students residing with transferable or low immunity. Then on 27.08 it was opened for vaccination for all 16 – 17 year olds, and this group is reduced from 36 weeks. Vaccination took place at both the vaccination center and the school. For example, the vaccination center from Bydel Nordstrand was set up on September 3 in Ala at Lambertseter High School, and began mass vaccinating 16-17 year olds. On Tuesday, September 7, all students at Holdt High School volunteered to take the vaccine dose 1 at school.

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– From the 36th week, mass testing of high school and high school students also began. Mass testing and vaccination have become the most important measures to ensure the most predictable and safe school day for students and staff.

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