Dagbladet’s infection control expert: – – Big mistake

Dagbladet's infection control expert: - - Big mistake

Ahead of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the Norwegian ski stars headed to the summit of Caesar’s Almighty in Italy, while the Swedes traveled to Livigno. Janrjan Olsvik, a professor of medical microbiology at the University of Tromsø, believes that Norway made the wrong choice and Sweden the right choice.

– I believe the big mistake was made by the Norwegians in thinking that it would be better to travel at altitude to stay at Caesar’s Almighty, on the other hand the Swedes decided there was a high incidence of infection, Olswick tells Doplatt. Continuing:

– Meeting the people who work in the hotels on the corridors and being served by the locals does not make sense in believing that you can isolate yourself from the locals and the risk of local epidemics. The Swedes made the right decision.

Said in mid-January Swedish Sky Association They had originally planned to hold their high-level meeting at Caesar Almighty, but instead decided to travel to Livigno. This is justified by the fact that they were informed that the spread of infection was high in Caesar’s Almighty.

While the Norwegian troops were staying at Caesar’s Almighty, both Heidi Weng, Anne Kersty Calva and Siemen Hextod Krueger were found to have Covit-19. Then the Norwegian cross-country skiers went to Norway before heading to China.

Gray square: – This is an absurd situation, said Iver Stuen, the sports manager at a press conference following the positive test for Jarrell Magnus Riber Corona before the Beijing Games. It was an emotional session.
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Predict further problem

In China, new infectious challenges have arisen for Norway’s Olympic team. The integrated breed is shown in the Jarl Magnus Rifle Govt-19Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold, Johannes Thingnes Bø, Mons Røisland, Johanne Killi, Anna Odine Strøm and Jørgen Graabak have been identified as close associates.

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Olswick predicts further corona problem in China.

– I would be positively surprised if more people were not diagnosed with Govit-19. He says the athletes on the Norwegian Olympic team not only communicate with each other, but also support staff and athletes from other countries.

– There is no doubt that infection plays an important role in the Olympics. Corona exposure is high in China. Competing athletes should stay away from each other, at least not going to compete.

Missing one: The Norwegian cross-country girls will not compete with the entire team in the 15km ski transition. It generates reactions. Video: Løkås / Haarstad

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Infection control regime

Anne Sparkland, an immunologist at the University of Oslo, hopes that the stringent control regime in place in China will help athletes and all who come to the Olympics stay as safe as possible.

– If you are still suffering, it becomes clear that it will be very unfortunate. This is because you often live close to such an environment, making it difficult to control the spread of infection. If the bubble becomes infected, it will destroy a lot, Spurkland continues to tell Dagbladet:

– I have seen the Norwegian Olympic team face infectious challenges before coming to China, it will not be easy in China.

Good equipment: National team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum does not want to freeze on his feet in China. Video: Løkås / Haarstad
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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Sparkland believes that the probability of participation depends on two things.

– First, it depends on how sick you are. Although Omigran is comparable to the common cold in vaccinated people, it can make you sick. For example, you may have a fever and feel worse, and then it depends on how long it takes for a better athlete to get back in shape. National team doctors know more about this than I do.

– Depends on how long it takes before you test negative again. It varies from person to person, but it takes at least a week for the infection to occur, and probably more.

Professor Olswick believes that the best athletes are more susceptible to Govt-19 infection than others.

– This is because they absorb all the oxygen they absorb. I don’t think the best athlete affected will get off track. After the Govt-19 infection, there is the question of how it affects the best athletes. It is clear that this virus affects the lungs, and I was impressed if you have 100 percent effectiveness after a few days of being infected with corona.

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