Damley’s tune on Thomas Nome’s podcast

Damley's tune on Thomas Nome's podcast

In 2005 he came dimple tone (34) In second place in the singing competition “Idol” at the age of only 17 years.

Since the success of “Idol”, Damli has been a huge part of the spotlightIt’s possible that a few of them got the same column space and created as many headlines as the “Butterflies” singer.

This week, Damley is a guest on the podcast Thomas Nome (52), “Sunday Brunch”where the two review a number of topics, including the fact that she was very young when the circus started.

– Taken on the bed

Numme points out in the podcast that the media pressure was simply too weak — and that nearly everything the star says and does is reported in the media. He still thinks it is.

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Nomi and Damley also talked about that she was only 17 when her career took off – and that she has been in the spotlight for half her life.

– You caught me a little in bed a few years ago, or started many years ago, because I’m no longer young and promising. Because I’ve always been young and promising, the 34-year-old says on the podcast.

Then I realized that

Numme wonders when this happened, after which Damley can reveal that she thinks it was the time of Astrid S’ appearance – resulting in a loud laughter from both of them.

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– Then I realized that “My father, and now someone else has taken the throne, the promising young man,” says Damley, and continues:

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– It almost hit me in the face, but then I became an ‘IDOL’ judging myself. I was a judge in the season she was in. Then I got pregnant and a mother, and a lot happened.

Dimley concludes that she is now in the well-established adult category, and thus is no longer young and promising.

Se og Hør has attempted to reach out to Tone Damli for comment on the case, but so far to no avail.

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