Dangerous Environment, Dangerous World Cultural Heritage: Venice Lagoon Panorama bans large cruise ships from certain parts of the community

From August 1, large cruise ships will no longer be able to sail in certain parts of Lake Venice. The government under Prime Minister Mario Draghi decided on Tuesday evening to impose a ban on shipwrecks. In particular, ships will no longer pass through the historic Canale della Cuteca, the Pacino de San Marco (St. Marcs Basin) and the Canale de San Marco. It said in a statement that this was an important step to protect the pond.

According to the order, the operation will affect vessels with a total registered tonnage of more than 25,000 tons or more than 180 meters in length or 35 meters in height. This also applies to pots that exceed certain emission standards.

On the other hand, vessels that are considered standard or do not fall under the prohibition criteria are still allowed to pass through the pool. This may be about ships with about 200 passengers.

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As a temporary solution, the ships would have to move to a port in Margherita, which is not in the historic center of Venice. Most cargo ships are currently docking at the industrial port. Infrastructure Minister Enrico Giovanni wants to spend 7 157 million on jetties there. However, the port should only be a temporary solution because at the same time the port of Venice is looking for a permanent fixture for the future.

The Commission of Experts wants to get plans for this in the next two years and explore their possibilities. The winning plan must be determined by June 30, 2023. Giovannini’s ministry wants to invest 2.2 million euros in this. The Cruise Lines Association welcomed the move and expects more planning security in Venice.

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The government fears the World Heritage status of Venice

For years, enthusiasts, locals and the tourism industry have been battling cruise ships on the lake, traversing the size of the Canal della Queteca, as well as the famed St. Marks Square, a popular tourist destination. According to critics, the giant ships are destroying the environment in the pool, damaging the city’s foundations and polluting the air. Cruise tourism also brings small economic benefits to the city because travelers do not sleep there and often spend only a small amount of money.

With the ban now in place, the UN Rome must respond to the latest demands of UNESCO, the cultural authority. A few weeks ago, your experts proposed to add Venice to the negative list for a dangerous world cultural heritage, among other things, ship giants. For example, they demanded that ships be diverted to the most suitable ports in the area. A decision on this can be made from mid-July. Venice and its lake have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1987. (dpa)

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