Daniel Radcliffe on JK Rowling: – Makes me sad

Daniel Radcliffe on JK Rowling: – Makes me sad

Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe strongly disagrees with Potter author JK Rowling's views on transgender people. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/AFP/NTB

“Harry Potter” has cut all contact with the author who made Daniel Radcliffe and his character a name around the world.

The statement comes in a larger interview with Daniel Radcliffe (34 years old). Atlantic Oceanwhere he says he has not had direct contact with JK Rowling (58 years old) in recent years, since Rowling made her first controversial statements about transgender people.

“In the end, I feel really sad,” Radcliffe says, about losing touch with JK Rowling.

Instead, he looks at her from the period when they worked closely together when Daniel Radcliffe came to prominence as an actor playing the title character in the Harry Potter films.

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– Because I look at the person I met, the times we met, the books I wrote, and the world I created. Radcliffe says: This is all very sympathetic to me.

He has also previously criticized JK Rowling's statements about transgender people. She has been described as transgender several times, which she herself has denied.

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In 2020, Daniel Radcliffe wrote a post about the matter in which he says – for The Atlantic – that he aims to separate Rowling's opinions from those of anyone who feels at home in the Harry Potter community.

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-I wanted to try to help people who were negatively affected by the comments. He explains that if these are Joe's opinions (Rowling, editor's note), they are not necessarily the opinions of everyone associated in one way or another with the Potter franchise.

In the four-year-old post, Radcliffe wrote, among other things, that “trans women are women too,” and links the criticism to the woman he calls “the person more responsible than anyone else for mentoring.” You took his life.”

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JK Rowling lost popularity in many circles after she tweeted in support of researcher Maya Forstater in 2019, who had lost her job at a British think tank the previous year after writing “abusive and exclusionary” messages about trans people on Twitter.

Forstater sued his former employer after the dismissal, but lost the case in a British employment tribunal. in Judgment She said Forstater's statements were “contrary to human dignity and fundamental rights.”

However, her appeal was upheld.

In April this year, JKRawling responded to a comment on a longer post about her views on

Rowling's response was far from conciliatory.

“It's not safe, unfortunately. The author's response said, among other things, that celebrities who have cozied up to a movement aimed at undermining women's hard-earned rights, and who have used their platforms to encourage the reassignment of minors, can pardon their apologies.

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