Dave Chappelle addresses the passing environment and feedback:

Dave Chappelle addresses the passing environment and feedback:
The Noise Maker: Dave Chappelle sparked a strong worldwide reaction with the Netflix special “The Closer”.

The star comedian’s new Netflix special has resulted in a media storm and demonstrations. In a new video, Chappelle says he’s “more than willing” to talk to those he abused in a transgender environment, on certain terms.


The They shot Dave Chappelle (48) and Netflix after the premiere of the comedy special “The Closer” earlier in October.

In it, he said, among other things, it was the “TERF Team” – which stands for Trans Exclutionary Radical Feminist – a term used for people who don’t consider trans women as women.

Moreover, his “gender is real” jokes were taken as transphobic jokes.

Rumors that Chappelle refused to meet with Netflix employees who protested the special circulated on social media afterwards. In a new video posted on Instagram The comedian writes, among other things, that he rejects the rumours diverse.

It also tells the trans community that they cannot make demands without further ado.

– You can’t just call me. He says I don’t obey anyone’s demands.

In the video he shared with his 2.3 million followers, he still says he’s “more than willing” to talk, but he has a few conditions:

– First of all, you can’t come if you haven’t seen mine from start to finish.

He also demands that representatives of the transgender community who will participate in the conversation admit that comedian Hannah Gadsby is not funny. Written earlier in October Eagle On How Gadsby Called Chappelle’s Statements «The hatred».

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Alert feedback: Producer Sherrill Rich was one of the employees who joined the demonstration against Netflix after the release of “The Closer.”

In the clip, Chappelle makes it clear that he does not blame the trans community for the reactions, and that he does not back down from his statements:

– I said what I said.

The comedian also claimed that his upcoming documentary has been removed from several film festivals as a result Riots.

Dave Chappelle has been a popular comedian in the United States since the late 1990s and became internationally known in the early 2000s. Throughout his career, he has starred and produced a number of television series, films, and comedy specials for which he has received numerous awards.

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