David Eriksen and Hedwig Sophie Gelstad:

David Eriksen and Hedwig Sophie Gelstad:

FORNEBU (Se og Hør): In April, David Eriksen (54) and Hedvig Sophie Glestad (30) revealed they had gone their separate ways.

This fall there will be a new season of “Alle elsker David,” where viewers can follow the daily life of the celebrity boss and his family. He tells Se og Hør that this season is going to be very difficult.

Unfortunately, we had to experience our breakup in a more open and visual version. I wasn’t too happy that we were doing TV at the time.

It’s been a tough season to play in, but if you make a deal, you make a deal.

On Friday evening, the former couple appeared on the Reality Awards red carpet, with Eriksen’s children, Andrea Zelin and Lucas Ziden.

Eriksen reveals to Se og Hør that they are still good friends.

– I have no idea whether it will be Hedwig and I. But at least we are very good friends and I am very fond of Hedvig.

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When Eriksen’s daughter was asked which celebrities her father is compatible with, the answer was simple:

– Hedwig Sophie, I want them back together, she says.

Glistad says the Eriksen family still means an incredible amount to her.

“David and I are very good friends, and Andrea and Lucas will always have a place in my heart,” Galistad concludes.

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