June 9, 2023


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David Eriksen talks about his latest project

At the end of April, news came that celebrity manager David Eriksen (55) would open a wine bar in Oslo. When the news first broke, Eriksen called it “a dream come true.”

– I feel embarrassed

The bar is named “Libertine” and is located on the western edge of Oslo.

– It’s been a dream for all these years. This will be the best wine bar in Oslo,” a smiling Eriksen recently told Se og Hør.

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– Very proud

Eriksen opened the pub with his friends Kim Søyland and Jama Awaleh.

– It was safe to trust them when you first got the chance. I have known these guys for many years.

When a vacancy appeared at Frogner, the 55-year-old knew he had to seize the opportunity:

Call life situation dating

Call life situation dating

– Then we had to have a strategy of what this should actually be. I didn’t want a nightclub, but a wine bar – and now I think it’s really cool to say that myself.

Eriksen said he has always been fond of wine, and is very proud of being able to make his dream come true.

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– Can you imagine more similar projects?

– Yes, of course we have to see how it goes in the first place. Then maybe you can eventually spread it to other places and other cities.

Diagnosed by strangers

Diagnosed by strangers

An exciting period

Eriksen said daily life in the past year has been largely characterized by trying new things – whether it’s opening a wine bar or singing on TV.

Some of this will also appear in the final season of Alle elsker David.

David Eriksen and Hedvig Sophie Glestad have burning questions regarding the premiere of “Alle elsker David”. Video: Klaus Fielro/Red Runner/TV2.
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– This is the first season we’ve done without really having any plans, he said, adding:

– In the third season, there was a major life change. Now it’s like: “Damn it, I’m going to be alone for the first time in my life.”

- Everyone dates a little bit

– Everyone dates a little bit

He also said that the past year has been largely spent testing his limits.

– It was an exciting period. I have now taken advantage of this freedom to try things I’ve never done before.

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