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The Confirms Liverpool Football Club Friday afternoon.

On March 15, 1946, David Morris was born in Lancashire, right into one of the most famous and respected entrepreneurial families in the country.

Now the death of the previous owner has been confirmed.

His family has owned Liverpool for over 50 years.

Morris wanted the best for the club and felt he did not have enough capital to push Liverpool forward. Among other things, to implement the new stadium project.

Regret it sold

Sheikh Mohammed and Dubai Internet City were closely related, but as we know it ended up with American ownership.

His board of directors lasted at Liverpool from 1991 to 2007, when Morris owned 51 percent of the shares. In the past, he has stated that he deeply regrets that he ended up selling the club to Americans Tom Hicks and George Gillette.

David’s uncle, Sir John Morris, started Littlewoods, which in the 1980s was among the largest of its kind in Europe. For several years he controlled city rival Everton.

Notably, David married Miss England 1974, Cathy Anders. She died in a car accident at the age of 26. Morris later married Marge Walmsley in 1983.

man of the people

Former editor and founder of Liverpool.no Torbjorn Flatten describes the recently deceased owner as a man of the people who lived the dream of owning the club he loved.

What I mainly associate with David Morris is the story of him standing on the mug in the Liverpool scarf and later becoming the owner of the club. He was allowed to run Liverpool, a dream you may have dreamed of yourself. The heart was always in the right place, even if it wasn’t always the best solution, he says on the phone after the news arrived.

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– In a way it’s hard to criticize him for anything, because he has gone through a difficult time with the Premier League and the rich and Ferguson at United. It was sad of course that it ended up selling to the wrong owners, and I think he thought a lot about that afterwards.

– Unfortunately, he was more or less frozen outside the club, so it was an unhappy ending for him. He used to live in the Lake District, north of Liverpool, so I’m sure he followed the club closely the whole time, even though he’s no longer a part of it. He will always be a part of Liverpool’s history, even if much of his legacy was his poor sale in 2007.

I think many Liverpool fans still sympathize with David Morris, and imagine his heart has always been in the right place.

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