Dead in the arms of the wife – VG

Dead in the arms of the wife - VG
Married: Egli Kviderin, 50, and Vladas Kvideris, 57, from Lithuania have been married for 25 years before the 57-year-old was murdered to death in Lourensko last year. The two have a son together.

LØRENSKOG (VG) Egle Kvederiene (50 years old) will never forget her husband’s last words from the kitchen: “Why do you need this knife?”


Shortly after those words fell, sheets and blankets sat on top of him to stop the bleeding from his throat. The husband was stabbed and fought for his life.

– The ambulance came quickly and took over. I saw on the small screen that there was cardiac activity at first, but then I was told to go to my room. When I got out again, the police were there. My husband was dead, Eagle Kvidrin, 50, tells VG.

A police officer referred the Lithuanian woman to a chair on the balcony. Eventually, forensic scientists asked her to wear gloves and shoe bags. She was then taken to the police station in Lillestrom for interrogation.

A total of six people connected to the house, including her, were arrested and charged with the murder of Vladas Kvideris in Lawrenskog, on the night of August 1 last year. None of them pleaded guilty.

– I understand that the situation was baffling to the police and that they suspected us all, says Kvidrin.

When she arrived at the police station, she was asked to remove all of her clothes, except for her underwear, the 50-year-old said.

The whole body was photographed. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Then I understood that I was going to a smooth dungeon and that I was going to stay there for a while.

The cell was described as cold, with a stone bed on top of it with a mattress, and a silver toilet. An officer also came to her with a toilet tissue, Kvidrin says.

– He asked me to relax. I was confused: How can I relax? I understood that I was a suspect – and I was locked up, she says.

Watch the video – and here she tells about the fateful night of her husband’s murder:

punish the police

After sleep A few hours in bed, Kvedriene woke up when a policewoman opened a hatch in the door and peeked inside.

– I told her I didn’t kill my husband.

Now awaiting the interrogation of all the accused: five men and two priests.

– I had nothing to hide, she says.

When the interrogation ended, the Lithuanian woman and four other men were released, while a Polish man (45 years old) was brought into custody.

– It wasn’t easy. I often get emotional, but then I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Lawyer Dag Svensson has been appointed for the first time as a Lithuanian woman’s advocate, since she has been charged with premeditated murder.

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– It was incomprehensible. I had access to the first police reports, and it was quite clear who the culprit was. There was no basis for doubt. The police simply have to charge a man and question other witnesses. It was not necessary to give her that extra burden. Svensson tells VG that she lost her husband in a dramatic way.

Today he is a widow’s welfare attorney.

Svensson states that the previous year, in 2020, a man had been arrested and charged with the murder of his two children. This charge was also dropped.

The police made the exact same mistake in that case. Nor was there a basis for targeting him. Svensson says the two cases can certainly be compared.

Crucial: Dag Svensson is the associate attorney for widow Eagle Kvederen (50).

Police: The situation is very unclear

Police attorney Eric Brathen in the Eastern Police District wrote in an email to VG that the police were called in connection with a serious violent incident immediately and that the situation was very unclear at the initial stage.

– Information and effects at the scene were partly mixed and individual assessments were made of everyone who was there. Some were arrested, others were brought in in accordance with the Police Act. All of them eventually obtained accused status, but five were released after a short time, Prathin continues.

The police lawyer stated that they submitted early requests for the arrest of the five released. The attorney general dropped these cases on October 14 last year, just over three months after the murder.

– How do the police themselves evaluate arrests and charges today?

– With the information we have today, it becomes clear to us that the role of the released are witnesses only. However, decisions must be considered in light of the information available at the time they are made. Bratten replies that it turns out to be incorrect later is very unfortunate, but it does not necessarily make the decision wrong when it was made.

– If it was clear to the police who the culprit was, we would not have done the same. Fortunately, we took an early stand to eliminate more of the accused and release them immediately.

Investigation: When the police cordoned off the area around the crime scene on August 1, 2020.

– Why was it necessary to charge everyone with murder and put them in solitary confinement?

– Today it seems superfluous, but at the time of the crime it was very important for us to control the offender or offenders, as well as to secure evidence to solve a very dangerous business, answers the police attorney.

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– What do the police think of the extra burden they place on the widow after the victim?

It is extremely tragic and terribly sad for anyone who loses loved ones to criminal acts. With the decision in hand, it hurts to know what she’s been through, and she obviously should have had that extra burden, he answers.

The police attorney does not want to comment on the comparison to the Lorenskog double murder in 2020, because he was not involved.

In grief: Egli Kvedrine, 50, has been missing her husband for 25 years. She hopes the August trial of the Polish citizen, 45, accused of murder, will put an end to the case, so she can move on with her life.

widow story

VG meets Egle Kvederiene at the Lørenskog Village Museum, just a few kilometers from the scene. She wants to tell her story about the husband who stole from her.

Saturday, July 31 last year: The Lithuanian couple woke up as usual at home in Lørenskog which is right at the entrance to Østmarka. Her husband, Vladas Kvidiris, was a carpenter and went to work early. The wife works as a cleaner in a fitness center in Oslo. She was late for her homework this summer day.

– He was doing well in Norway and was not afraid to work much. He always worked hard physically, even when he was in Sweden and planting trees. Egle Kvederine VG says it was hardworking and good.

The couple were reunited in Norway in the summer of 2020, when Eagle moved here from England. They shared the house in Lørenskog with many other foreign workers. Each had its own room, while the bathroom, kitchen and living room were common areas.

– I worked late and took the bus home. On the way, I called my husband. I heard in his voice that he was a little drunk, we have been married for 25 years. He said there was a man who came to the house and was going to live there that day and I had to meet him, she says.

When Eagle got off the bus it was around 23.50.

– The new guy was in the kitchen, she says.

Killed: Vladas Kvideris, 57, came from Lithuania to Norway to work as a carpenter, and was then killed.

– It was covered in blood

new man He was a Polish citizen who is now 45 years old. He had been given a room on the second floor, while the Lithuanian couple had a room very close to the kitchen.

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– I went to the room to change. Then she prepared some food and coffee—and sat in the room, Kvederin says.

Another Lithuanian man eventually disappeared from the house. He did not live there.

– Maybe he understood that he should go home? , she asks.

In the kitchen there was only a Polish man and Vladas Kvideris. Saturday night became Sunday night.

– I heard the knives and forks were washed. I heard my husband say to the Polish man, “Why do you need that knife?” Then I heard the sound of the kitchen table moving. Kvidrin says, there was no good sound, so I went out to the kitchen.

The scene that met her was cruel. The husband was lying on the ground with bloody hands. The Polish man was standing near him with a knife in his hand — a knife used daily by everyone who lives in the house, Kvederen says.

– My husband cut in the palm of the hand. He also touched his neck. There was also blood on it. The Polish man fled. I remembered from the movies that the bleeding had to be stopped quickly, so I brought bedding and sheets, she says.

Eagle Kvederen sat on top of the man and tried to help him with the stab wounds from the knife.

– The Pole came down from the second floor and walked in front of us and got out. He had a look completely devoid of emotions, a very strange look. I felt that he was looking down on my husband as if he was worth nothing. We did not exchange words. She says we just looked at each other.

Missing: The widow of murder victim Vladas Kvideris, 57, has many memories of her husband from Norway and her native Lithuania.


April 27 this year The 45-year-old Polish man was charged with the murder:

«Sunday August 1, 2021 approx. At 00.30 in Lørenskog, Vladas Kvederis was stabbed in the neck with a knife. (…]Kvederis died shortly after the hemorrhage.‘, stated in the indictment.

Denies criminal guilt.

Now the trial is pending. For four days in August, details of the night of the murders will be revealed in Romerrick and Glamdalen County Courthouse.

– I hope the case ends with trial this fall, so that I can move on with life.

Kfedrine and her husband gave birth to a son together who studied at a university in his homeland last year.

– I didn’t want to call him myself to tell him my father had been killed – so the police called him. She said our son did not believe in them and asked to speak to me.

– How was the conversation with your son?

– It took it easy at first… she replied.

The quatrains describe the time after the murder as a time full of adrenaline, shock and grief.

– I often think of Vladas and everything we did together. missing him. We’ve been married for 25 years. I’m afraid to go home in Lithuania. There are more memories of him than here in Norway. I hope the case ends in trial this fall, so I can move on with my life.

VG has been in contact with 45-year-old murder advocate, attorney Gunhild Lærum, about the case.

– I do not want to comment on the case until it is heard in court. Lorum says she chose to make a subjective comment on the truth, she is responsible.

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