Death, Trams Police District | A 40-year-old man died in custody at a police station in Tromsø

Death, Trams Police District |  A 40-year-old man died in custody at a police station in Tromsø

A 40-year-old man died on Tuesday while in custody at a police station in Tromsø. Trams Police Station informed this in a press release.

The police said that the person was under surveillance when the incident took place.

– Police chief Astrid Elisabeth Nilsson tells Nortlis that while people are detained in the detention center, we constantly monitor the people staying there.

Transported to UNN

Lifesaving first aid was immediately initiated at the scene before the person was taken to UNN in an ambulance. The man was later pronounced dead, the Trams Police District said in a press release.

Relatives have been informed.

Nielsen declined to say why the man was taken into custody, and would not comment on whether he required additional police surveillance in custody.

– We will return to the details once the special unit decides whether to investigate the case, says Nilsson.

– Is there reason to believe that the police did something objectionable in this case?

– The police chief replied that in our procedures, if people are seriously injured or killed, the special unit should be notified.

– People die in custody not often.

– No, fortunately, says Nilsson.

An investigation will be conducted

The death was reported to the Bureau of Police Affairs around 4:30 on Tuesday.

– Lars Temuru at the Bureau says that we will now assess whether to open an investigation into the incident.

They have been kept informed of further investigations carried out in the police district. The case bureau’s preliminary assessment is that there is no basis for an immediate investigation into the death.

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