debate, church | You made the sky above Inlandet higher

debate, church |  You made the sky above Inlandet higher

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Hamar has a history As a diocese opened the Church of Norway. A number of bishops have left their mark, not only in the diocese, but in the church across the country. And so with great importance for societal development. Solveig Fiske joins the ranks of eminent bishops. She is the 12th bishop in the Diocese of Hamar after the 1864 restoration, and can proudly join the ranks of bishops in a pioneering diocese.

Diocese of Hamra In its diversity, it has a culture of openness that has created a space of opportunity and space for action for the church and the bishops of the church. This space helped Bishop Solveig to open up more in a clear, safe and good manner. She was a bishop who meant so much to so many. When she was president of the Norwegian Women’s Theological Association (NKTF), she contributed significantly to Parliament’s granting of funds to a professor in feminist theology and gender studies.

Bishop Solveig He made a difference with his episcopate. It made the sky over Inlandet even higher. And on the church scene nationwide, she has actively contributed to raising the ceiling in the Church of Norway even higher. Solveig made the church more open to more people. She is generous and makes people feel at home and welcome in our church community.

I created “A sacred space for ordinary life”, a vision of the Diocese of Hamar. It is about sacred spaces, whether they are church spaces, spaces between people, or spaces in a person’s life, dedicated to ordinary life. She did this, among other things, by posting “Thoughts at Night” on Facebook, which means a lot to many of her followers. She has had a great commitment to the community with a great love for the local churches throughout the diocese. It’s something Solveig holds in great respect. You see the big picture – for both the church and its place in society.

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It was a voice For minorities, the voiceless and the downtrodden in society. Through her work, she has shown that injustice concerns us all. Bishop Solveig committed himself to LGBT+, unregistered refugees, refugee children, Palestinians in Gaza and women subjected to violence. She participated in various ways, from positions on the boards of organizations combating sexual violence and assault to wearing the red Stop Violence Against Women button or rainbow jewelry every day.

Solveig sees people In her interview, she actively listens to the people with whom she interacts. I think there will be a lot of people who can say they felt the bishop’s vision, and they can each tell their own story about it. Maybe she’s remembered thanks to a Sunday service, maybe a small phone call or text message or maybe a caring comment. Perhaps the small details, but they are very symbolic and essential to be seen and to be felt appreciated.

In his work She has never been assertive, but she always raises the bar for others. Solveig has planted a lot in her time as a bishop, which will bear fruit for many years to come. It has created a culture of generosity, integrity, humanity and solidarity. We should be sad, but most of all grateful for your consistent and clear leadership over many years.

Iselin Vistekleiven, Fogo, Vice-Chairman of the Diocese of Hamar

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