Debate, glimpses | Reply to Farstad about Haikin

Debate, glimpses |  Reply to Farstad about Haikin

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Occasionally, several self-proclaimed sofa connoisseurs appear. This time Moayad Simsim Arvi Farstad. I was a little surprised if the post was meant to be sarcastic, but let the doubt lie and I think Farstad genuinely means it.

Glimt has completely changed his way of playing football since Knutsen took over as coach. And now he plays a kind of football that is not typical for Norwegian and Scandinavian teams. Perhaps the closest you can compare it to is Rosenborg in its heyday and even there are huge differences in strategy and approach in the game. Football has changed and the physical demands are much higher now than they were 10-20 years ago.

The fact that Farstad believed Nikita Heiken should lift the ball towards the attackers at the first opportunity actually testifies to the fact that he did not understand the purpose of having a rhythm on the ball. Or does he want Glimt to move to the classic 4-4-2 game that TIL played in his time.

Now I’m going to play the sofa expert and explain the purpose of what Glimt and Heiken are doing in the back of the court;

See, for example, Glimt’s first goal against Celtic. Here Glimt succeeds in absolutely everything. Modern world class football attack. Here they tempt Celtic high on the field. You have to get Celtic players to run a lot, maybe a lot unnecessarily so that they drain faster. Glimt holds the ball in the team until a Celtic player gets out of position no matter who was in the back four, then Bryce O’Mo takes the ball with them into the room Celtic opens. It’s about unlocking rooms that you can play in. This starts at the back of Haikin. He is used as the fifth player in the defense quad. Celtic has only three players in their attack. Here, Glimt automatically has two men in overtime and can play through Celtic’s first press knuckle once a Celtic player is sloppy or unable to keep up with Glimt with the ball. Glimt also uses this principle to advance the field. Wherever there is a place, Glimt takes the ball with him. If Glimt fails to use the room at the first opportunity and the opponent is in perfect defensive balance, then Glimt will play the ball into the net again and try the same thing over and over again. It is about patience. Wait until the opponent does not follow again. Glimt has become so good at using space that when an opponent opens up, the glimt is life-threatening.

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Then I will try as best I can to explain the difference in Farstad’s suggestion. First, I would say that the most common formations in modern football today are 4-5-1, 4-3-3 or 3-5-2.

I’ve followed and loved the way the 4-3-3 teams play for a long time. Although I’m not a fan of Liverpool, I see many similarities between Liverpool and Glimt, and I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on a 4-4-2 or a straight 4-3-3 type with three central attackers, but there are some important differences .

When you pump the ball into a goalkeeper’s 4-4-2 system against two attackers, the goal is to win the war in the first, second, and third duel. Teams that play this way rely on two crazy strikers who are fearless in everything they do. Here too you don’t play ball in space but hope you win ball number 2 and maybe by chance once or twice during a match you get the ball in a dangerous situation. Glimt often creates a lot more chances than regular 4-4-2 teams. Other modern teams have become very good at defending themselves against this primitive way of playing, and they have midfielders who are very good at fencing. So in most cases the ball ends up with the opponent, and the opponent can establish his game, and thus control the match. Well, the battle was completely turned upside down as to what Glimt wanted. Now, Glimt must use his energy to run behind the ball, instead of using his energy to create his own attacks.

It’s not every time that Glimt succeeds. Sometimes, if attention fails for the second time, you will lose the ball in the defense of the four and there will be a goal against you. But you have to dry. Try again and again, just as Glimt has done in recent years. In the end, you managed to be so confident in yourself that in 9 out of 10 times this is going well.

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As a big and somewhat slow striker in football with experience from 3.Div and many of Bodø’s youth teams, I would say the worst thing that exists as an attacking player is running after the ball. It is draining of energy and very disheartening. I myself can’t play for a team that plays like Glimt. I want the long balls Farstad mentioned. But I’ve never been good enough for Glimt, and I wouldn’t get along with the way Glimt plays.

Bodø / Glimt plays modern football at a high rate and is a very professional athlete. Bodo/Glimt is simply a good patient!

Bodo / Glimt by Forever!

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